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Am I the only person that thinks the Victoria Advocate is going overboard with its constant articles, editorials, and blogs on the imminent danger of the Mexican drug cartel to our city?  Do the recent drug busts or stops in Victoria have its roots in the Mexican drug cartel? The mayor of Laredo said his city is no more dangerous than Victoria.  Personally, I am no more concerned about the gangs in Corpus Christi (90 miles away) or Houston (125 miles away) than I am of the Mexican drug cartel; three hours away.

I have to admit I have not read a single word of the award-winning "Fatal Funnel” nor did I try to push and shove my way in to see the premiere of Rusty Fleming’s "Drug wars"(coming soon to your neighborhood theaters) but being born and raised in Victoria ;I think I have a little understanding of what is going on.  Perhaps I should've bought the DVD for $19.95…Is the blu- ray edition extra?

Rusty Fleming offered two solutions (a) legalize marijuana (b) use our military within 15 miles of our southern border.  We have 18,000 border patrol agents, state-of-the-art technology, and the DEA, do we need more?  Elliot Ness used constant raids to break up the illegal bootlegging in Chicago and Rudy Giuliani used an overwhelming police force to clean up New York City.  Neither called in the military and they used the current laws to accomplish their mission.

I'm not trying to downplay the seriousness of the Mexican drug cartels turf wars and the impact it can have on the border cities because a couple weeks ago  Newsweek had an article titled "bloodshed on the border" that told of beheadings, burnings, kidnappings, shootout with police, and complete takeover of the Mexican city of Juarez during the turf wars.  The mayor of Juarez and his family live in El Paso; commuting to Juarez everyday because of the violence in that city. The citizens of El Paso have a legitimate concern because about 20 local gangs work for the Mexican drug cartels.  The commander with the Chihuahua state investigation agency was taken to El Paso’s Thomason General Hospital after being pumped full of bullets by the cartel.  Innocent bystanders can envision themselves being caught in the crossfire between cartel members and law enforcement because it's fairly common for the assassins going to the hospital rooms to finish the job.

If I am way off base and we should have a legitimate concern about the dangers of the Mexican drug cartels, perhaps the  local sheriff should make a public announcement. If the sheriff needs more money to combat this imminent danger, we should consider raising taxes to give him the tools he needs.  Raising taxes will certainly raise eyebrows of the uninformed or uninterested.