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Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich gets impeached (114-1), Obama upset Senator Feinstein with his CIA choice, and key democrats are trying to make  a line in the sand against the upcoming stimulus package.

Governor Blagojevich is as crooked as the day is long, but I have to give it to him, he out did Senator Reid playing Chicago politics to the hilt.  His choice will stand, but I am pretty sure that will be his last official move; except for the one to the big house.

Barack Obama’s honeymoon may end before the marriage even starts.  According to the pundits; Barack Obama chose Leon Panetta to be his CIA director to send a message to Jay Rockefeller, Dianne Feinstein and Jane Harman that he is a well aware of their involvement with the Bush White House on torture and circumventing the FISA Court.  Leon Panetta is a loyal Washington insider who will make sure the CIA and the White House are on the same page.

The other day Harry Reid made it clear he works with the Obama not for him.  Of course this is coming from a man that was just made a fool of by an impeached governor.  Nancy Pelosi wants to repeal Bush’s tax cut for the rich and Chuck Schumer and John Kerry do not approve of Obama’s $3,000 business hiring credit .This will all have to be worked out before approaching the opposition party. Only my democrats can act like the minority; when they are the majority.

Sarah Palin and Joe the plumber just won’t go away. Joe is going to Israel to be a war correspondent.  He had been studying the situation using the Internet, and he said what he doesn’t know, his Christian fate will guide him.  John Stewart said “wear that on a tee shirt and see how far he gets.” Hundreds of years of hatred and wars between the Muslim and Jews and a Christian make- believe reporter is going to get the scoop.  Sarah Palin continues on her whining tour; claiming that Katie Couric and the mainstream media were the reason she lost the election.  It could be her answers. Governor Palin said it might’ve been different if she would have run as a democrat. Yea, like the democrats are that stupid.