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I thought Texas would continue its anti-clean air practices in pursuit of profit, mentality. The Bush administration and the Texas Legislator allowed many of the worse polluters free reign with its grandfathered policies. It seems all that will come t o a halt with a bill proposed by Senator Rodney Ellis called the “Texas Global Warming Solution Act.” Don’t take the title literally because it just requires all state agencies to account for their greenhouse contributions and create plans to reduce them. Private companies will have to follow suite. Why? Texas is the world’s eighth largest emitter of greenhouse gas.

Houston-based Dynegy ended the joint venture with New York –based LS Power to fire up 5 coal fueled plants that would have produced approximately 30 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions. They realized that 2009 would be a banner year for clean energy initiatives. The company was well aware that president-elect Obama has a commitment to a comprehensive carbon reduction plan. Dynegy’s stock rose 38 cents a share after they made their announcement.

A few are still fighting the old battles like Al Gore’s global warming theories with their one-side websites as a reference. That is so 2008, because this is about the continued use of dirty fuels and heat trapping gases. No one can make the argument that fossil fuels are a clean energy or that it does not trap heat. Carbon is not the only villain because nitrogen trifluoride (used for micro chips and flat screen TVs) is 17,000 times the heat trapper carbon is. Methane traps about 20 times more heat than carbon and is generally released at landfills and during common farming practices. Ignoring the problem because of Al Gore or ideology is just dumb. It will be a plus for a capitalist country such as ours, especially since the whole industrial world is moving to clean energy.

I read an article in last months Business Week indicating that the chemical industry was ready and willing to comply with the new omission standards, but they were concerned about uniformity and commitment by our government. They were concerned about grandfathered plants that had an unfair advantage and the expense of the conversion without a real commitment by our government.

Companies that are still emitting dirty heat trapping emissions will not be in business in the latter part of this century. I am glad Texas will be one the states leading the way to clean energy. We might not be able to avoid leaving our grandchildren a mountain of debt, but it is possible to leave them cleaner air and water.