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Barack Obama,Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi  and Rohm Emanuel have all been asked if the Obama administration will investigate the Bush Administration for war crimes,politzing the justice department.signing statements, and circumventing the FISA Court . First that will be a matter for congress and the attorney general not the Obama administration. They have been spinning the answer by saying “We want to look at past mistakes but we want to be forward looking.” That’s exactly the reason they keep getting asked that question.

A year ago I probably would have said “absolutely .let’s investigate” but now I am more inclined to be satisfied with a bipartisan commission or I  could live with a forward looking Obama administration solution.

I was surprised Bush appointee Susan J. Crawford (authority for the Guantanamo military commission) publicly admitted our government engaged in torture. She was quoted as saying “We tortured Mohammed al Qahtani” leaving a taint so it will be nearly impossible to try the remaining 250 detainees. Eric Holder (attorney general nominee) said water-boarding is torture. Does the new attorney general turn his back on a clear violation?

A new bill is being drafted to give the president the right to bypass the FISA Court and immunize many officials from procecution.I am pretty sure it will be retroactive.

It would be disingenuous to leave out the politics because Obama is enjoying a 80% approval rating; which he will need to pass the legislation he is asking for. Right now 58% of republicans think he will do a good job and they are ready to give him a chance. If the Democrats proceed with an investigation, will we all go back to our partisan corners and forget about about trying to work together? Do we forget rule of law?