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Last night John Stewart showed some old clips of Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity vigorously claiming that it was treasonous to speak ill of the commander-in-chief while this country is at war.  Guess what?  We are still at war but the rules have changed for the right wing.Then again I laughed at that malarky when they first mentioned it.

This is only day three of Obama's presidency and the naysayers are criticizing a stimulus package draft that has not been debated yet, complaining because he did not wear his coat in the oval office, pro-lifers are up in arms over his campaign stances, and the cowboy diplomacy people are upset because Obama is taking us into a different strategy of diplomacy first; lifting the burden off our overused military.

 Barack Obama's called for a quick end to the recent Israel -Hamas conflict and concentrate on stopping the new flow of weapons to Hamas, and the stopping of killing of innocent civilians on both sides.  His call for opening the borders so that the Palestinians can get the proper medical treatment, and restore some sort or civility was applauded by Arab leaders because that was the first time, in a long time that any consideration of humane treatment of the Palestinians has ever been included in a speech.He backed up his rhetoric by sending in George Mitchell (father was Lebanese migrant) to lead us into becoming a honest broker once again.He was involved in the Northern Ireland peace talks.

The world rejoiced over  Barack Obama’s executive order to close Guantanamo Bay within a year, secret prisons, rendition practices because they aided the Al Qaeda recruiting process.  Secretary of Defense Robert Gates applauded the president’s move and so did several retired generals;who were standing behind him as he signed the order.

President Barack Obama’s choice for secretary of state Hillary Clinton was met with a standing ovation at the State Department. She said the era of more diplomacy starts today.

The threads and the blogs are becoming quite entertaining because a lot of posters trying to outdo each other in asking the new president to do everything he campaigned for by the end of the week or he is just another lying politician.  If only they would have been as vocal in the previous eight years; we might not have been in this predicament we are in today.