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It is quite apparent to me that the republicans do not want any part of a good faith negotiation.  Rush Limbaugh and former Ohio secretary of state and RNC chairman candidate Ken Blackwell are urging congressional conservatives to oppose the job- creating and reinvestment and recovery plan because it will ruin the GOP’s 2010 election chances.  The democrats have already caved to the minority party's plea for more tax cuts.  Now there are holding out for more.  If FDR would have waited on the Republican Party to support his Social Security bill, we would have been without Social Security.  If Lyndon Johnson would have waited for the GOP, we would have been without Medicare.  Newt Gingrich is quoted as saying "We should not fix Medicare and just let it wither on the vine."  Conservative Grover Northquist said “"I don't want to abolish government. I simply want to reduce it to the size where I can drag it into the bathroom and drown it in the bathtub." This is what the democrats are dealing with.

Barack Obama won all the presidential debates by emphasizing that a middle class tax cut was needed.  I don’t think john McCain ever said the words “middle class” in his whole campaign.  He always pushed the 2001 Bush tax cuts (tax cuts that favored the wealthy) and a 10% cut in corporate tax rates. The voters overwhelmingly supported the democratic economic plan last November.

In the past seven days 55,000 jobs were lost from establish corporations.  This is no time to be gearing up for the next campaign or practicing partisan politics.  This country has a 13% misery index if you add the current 7.2% unemployment to about 6% under employment.  Corporate CEOs are looking at consumer confidence which is at a time low.  Partisan food fights will only continue to drive consumer confidence down..

Timothy Geither was needed as the treasury secretary since last week ,to show that our economy had some sort of financial stability, but he was not confirmed until yesterday by a slim margin of 60 to 34.  Were the four democrats and the majority of republicans that concerned with his failure to pay his back taxes?

The president does not have to take the George Bush approach by using the bully pulpit to shame the republicans into going along.Pass the democratic version by one point if necessary because he still meeds the opposition party's support for other key issues like health care and education.

If the stimulus package fails, the democrats are going to get the full blame, so why pass a GOP version just to get bipartisan support?  The GOP will still be trying claim victory if the stimulus package is successful by saying “it was the tax cuts we forced on the democrats that were the key to its success.”

Act like the majority party and start making some decisions, take some risks, and accept all responsibilities.