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After a long hard grueling week of watching the Obama administration’s every move, Drudge, Rush, Malkin, and Hannity reported back to their flock in real-time and gave their version of the facts.  The local conservatives and Republicans are becoming deficit hawks and spending auditors with no real plan of their own.  Every line of every bill is double checked and mocked making sure the working poor or community organizers don't get a dime.

The House passed its version of the stimulus package and sent the bill over to the Senate for modifications a debate and a vote. Hopefully the president will sign this bill in two weeks.

I've never noticed if anyone ever gave the White House credit for calling Citibank and shaming them into sending the $50 million corporate jet back. I cannot imagine that happening in the last administration. The Senate and House Republicans gave the new president credit for meeting with them and getting their input but many are not aware of that.

Our Representative Ron Paul is against a package (which is fine) but his only solution is to get rid of the Fed or for us to totally fail and let the free market do its thing.Thank God there is one of him.  We are not going to get rid of the Fed and we are still waiting for the free market to start buying toxic assets and the failing companies. In the 1990 boom years it was easy to say that the market will correct itself and does not need regulation. Only one thing wrong with that assumption; greed and massive failure is never considered in the good times. 

 When this country gets back on its feet (and it will), then many will be surprised that Barney Frank was not the culprit for this economic crisis.

I wish we would have had all this interest prior to May,1 2003 or during the past eight previous years......I like it,now everyone is getting involved as they shoud be.