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Another Tea Party will wind up with the same results because the gripes, signs, and speeches will be aimed solely at the steps of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Will any protesters be at the steps of Wall Street, big oil, or the health insurance companies? Will any Social Security recipients attending, be willing to take less because we all know that entitlements are a big piece of the pie? I bet the protesters will be displaying their “catchy signs” hoping it might make your TV screen. The usual chants of Socialism, protect our guns, and the anti- Obama rhetoric will be commonplace because they think our economy just went into the dumps on January 20, 2009…. The notable sound bite at the last Tea Party was Texas governor Rick Perry hinting at secession.

I have never blamed President George W. Bush for authorizing the first $700 billion bailout because I still think that any rational leader, after hearing that our economy was about to collapse, would have trusted the word of his fed chairman and treasury secretary. The naysayers get the benefit of hindsight because we will never know the results of their brilliance. This morning’s jobless numbers went up to 9.5 %, so I have to wonder where the numbers would have been without that initial bailout. We still have 10 banks that control a majority of the wealth, and they still are in the position of being “too big to fail’; or is this just another sound bite.

We have a few states on the brink of bankruptcy but instead of joining together to find a solution South Carolina (18% unemployment) lawmakers and are quibbling about the governor’s moral failings, and whether that should be the reason for him to resign. On the other side of the coast, California is about to go under because the legislators are unwilling to compromise. Some are standing on a principle of “no new taxes” but I have a newsflash for them, not paying the state’s bills and taking home less pay hurts just as bad. On the subject of states, Arizona is about to pass a bill, that will not allow its citizens to sign up for the public option, even though the Federal Health Care Reform bill is still in draft form. The legislator sponsoring the bill did not answer the pundits question when he asked “what are the people without insurance going to do?” I can just see all the moving vans coming from the health insurance companies, on their way to set up their headquarters in Arizona.

Well, I am going to enjoy my July 4th, because this is still a great country, but I’ve decided to take up my stepfather’s tradition of putting up a flag. I don’t have any carpentry skills, so when I’m finished it might be slanted slightly to the left but the sentiments will be the same.

Happy July 4th everyone