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The right wing posters are now lecturing and fear mongering about the socialists, free spending, taxing, Democrats and President Barack Obama. They have a common battle cry “who’s going to pay for it.” These posters do not have any credibility at all because they were silent about the last eight years while the Bush Administration was running up debt, off budget and had us mired in two wars with no relief in sight. Not one “Teabag Party back then; in fact, we were told that it was unpatriotic to criticize the president while we were at war. Funny, we are still in those wars.

Whenever one of their own like Governor Sanford, Senator Ensign, or Senator Vitter got involved in a sex scandal, they simply pointed to the democrats as some sort of tit for tat explanation. The Democratic Party never pretended to be the party of family values. You can easily find quotes from the very same men condemning others for having the same human failings.

Today, the Republican Party is becoming a national joke because of quotes from leaders in their party. I can’t imagine that the once proud Republican Party would be listening to Joe the plumber or Sarah Palin. Joe to Plummer said he would not be running for a public office because God advised him not to ,yet, he was a guest of honor at the Houston’s Independence Day Tea Party….Governor Sarah Palin quit her job in mid- stream and yet some republican leaders think she is gearing up for a presidential run. Sarah Palin can attract a crowd of those who want their ears tickled in the Limbaugh way, because she can throw a punch, as she did on the campaign stump and the Republican National Convention, but she cannot take one. She will not attract the moderates, unless she can become a knowledgeable spokesman for issues such as energy or smaller government. I think her actions as the governor of Alaska lost any credibility she might have had on reform.

I wish the Republican Party would acknowledge the fact that the past eight years were a quagmire of mistakes that should not be repeated, repent, and come forward with credible solutions to help get us out of this financial mess. If tax cuts were a cure all, then the Obama administration would have inherited a 0% unemployment. The Obama administration is spending an incredible amount of money, and it is scary, but until some credible alternative can be brought forward, people like me will only be left with trusting the financial advisers of the current administration. The president has only been in office for 6 ½ months, and I think the American people will give him until the end of the year to turn this economy around. I think the Republican Party does have some great ideas, but they cannot wrestle the microphone away from the crazies of the far right.

"There’s nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by what is right with America."

Bill Clinton