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Is the National Republican Party that desperate? According to a poll 72% of Republicans would vote for Sarah Palin in a presidential election. It’s no skin off my nose, in fact, I would be delighted and so would the National Democratic Party. Why doesn’t the party go all the way and put Joe the plumber on the ticket? Sure, she would win Iowa with the evangelical vote, lose in New Hampshire and win in South Carolina with the social conservative vote, but she would not gain any Independent votes along the way. In those first three states, she would drain the resources away from the candidates that might have a chance in the general election.

Silly me, I thought she was giving a farewell speech by saying that she was a fighter because she was quitting. I thought it was that was the end of it, but then serious people like Pat Buchanan and Bill Kristol have been going on television saying that she would be a viable candidate for the 2012 presidential election. Sarah Palin never did say whether she would run for president, but she did babble something about a fish run. She is not concerned about the $500,000 of legal debts, so I think she will take a spot on Fox because the first dude is not going to make that kind of money hauling in stinking fish or snow sledding.

I was surprised when I heard Pat Buchanan say that she had just as much knowledge as candidate Obama did in his run for the White House. I know that Pat Buchanan is a borderline racist but he does have some incredible political insight because he was a communications director for President Nixon, and he had a couple presidential runs himself. Mr. Buchanan keeps going back to the three week period when Sarah Palin was drawing large crowds and keeping John McCain in the race. Many pundits will argue that any fresh vice presidential candidate will boast the approval ratings initially but is it never sustainable because the focus will always be on the presidential candidate. As for intelligence, not even close, Barack Obama is far more intelligent than Sarah Palin will ever be, despite what you might think about his politics. They might draw even on charisma but that will only her carry her so far. A debate between the two would be unfair to Sarah Palin.. Low expectation was the only reason she fared as well as she did against Joe Biden’s 35 years of experience in her one debate.

Sarah Palin is now complaining about media bias and is comparing herself with Hillary Clinton. Not even close, Hillary Clinton endured eight years of media bashing while she was in the White House and another two years on the campaign trail. They do compare though because most of the criticism was self inflicted. Despite the media bashing Hillary went on to win a senate seat in New York, and received as many votes as Barack Obama in the presidential primary (17 million) and more than John McCain, Mike Huckabee, and Ron Paul combined. Sarah Palin has a long way to go before she can compare herself to Hillary Clinton. Nobody likes a whiner..