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As President Obama gets ready for tonight's prime time speech on Health Care Reform; he is spending much his time trying to rein in his own party, to get some kind of consensus. The democratic party of today is made up of 38% who call themselves liberals, 40% who call themselves moderates, and 22% who call themselves conservatives, not easy try to come up with a single view.

The moderates of the party seem to have the football, so taxing the rich to pay for it, is probably off the table, and a public option that is seen to weaken the public sector in the provision of Health Insurance bill, will probably be marked up in the final bill that is submitted.....President Obama wants the" public Option",but we will see just how much he want it. The GOP is trying to throw in their “abortion scare tactic” but if the Dems agreed to strike it out altogether, they would still be against the bill. This is just another stall tactic. It is not surprising that the healthcare lobbyists are being paid $1.4 million a day to defeat any kind of Health Care Reform .The Democrats are the largest recipients of this money, saying that the campaign donations will not influence their vote. Much to their chagrin, no one believes that.

A few republicans are working with moderate democrats, trying to lower the cost. The rest of the republicans are merely following the memo to delay and try to kill all efforts of a bipartisan bill. Some republicans are working on a “Birther bill for 2012”; while others are saying that this health care reform bill is Obama's Waterloo.....George Voinovich (R-OH) said on CNBC Wednesday that a desire to prevent the Democratic president from scoring a historical victory with a public health plan accounts for at least 50 percent of the GOP opposition to the plan. If this reform bill fails, it is unlikely the Obama's popularity will have any influence on future legislation. I am happy that the GOP is sending Michael Steele to do most of their bidding. Since the GOP is not going to come up with any solutions, the least they can do is provide some comic relief.

This morning, Steve Pearlstein (Pulitzer Prize financial columnist for the Washington Post) finally put that “scared of the debt” talking point to rest, much to the embarrassment of Joe Scarborough. He told Joe that should be the last thing, we should worry about, because that $23 trillion assumes that the banks and others will not pay us back with interest. GM may be the only company that may not pay us back in full. The administration and every economist knew a stimulus package would incur acceptable short term deficits. The administration made two mistakes, the initial stimulus package was too small, and they predicted an 8.0 unemployment rate. A larger stimulus package would not have had the support of the three republicans that voted for it, so they really did not have a choice. Present Obama originally said that this economy would take a long time to turn around but his handlers advised him to give a rosier scenario, to stimulate consumer confidence. It is what it is, Obama's economy to get us out of this deep recession or completely fail. The jury is still out.

President Obama will have this diversity problem with upcoming legislation like Cap-and -Trade and Illegal Immigration Reform, unless he can step up and take charge of Health Care Reform; after-all it was the priority of the Democrats that voted for him. The Iraq War and Health Care were the most discussed subjects during the Democratic debates. This diversity is the only check and balance this president will get, until we get closer to next year's election, because the GOP will just say no, until that time.