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It's no secret that I'm an avid supporter of this president but last night's speech did not do the Health Care reform issue any justice. I think, he should have appealed to the hearts and minds instead of being so defensive. And if the president made any news that all it was about the question concerning his friend, Harvard Harvard professor, Henry Louis Gates.

President Obama did hammer home the point about insurance companies' making record profits; yet insurance premiums continue to rise. The president could have used United Healthcare (largest business insurance company ranked by revenues) as a prime example of how insurance companies are recording record profits, yet their customers premiums continue to go up. Most Americans would think that something is wrong with that picture.

The president was asked about the urgency but he seemed to give a beltway answer of “deadlines get things done.” He should have said" as we have this press conference tonight 14,000 will lose their health care and 5 million have lost their insurance since last September." He could have said “We have tried to solve the health care problem for 61 years.” The committees have met 179 times ,so it not like this health care plan was drawn up overnight. The proposed draft is on-line, so the time for action is now. I think it will pass in October of this year."

I was surprised at what the president didn't say. The president did not mention the individual or business penalty for not being enrolled in a healthcare plan. His new goal of only having about 3% that are uninsured was not mentioned. He did not mention individual responsibility or the fact that everyone will have to give up something in order for this to work.

I'm glad that the president gave credit to the three republican senators that are working hard on Health Care reform. He also credited republican congressman for adding 160 amendments to the proposed draft. I still do not know why the GOP will not take credit for the 160 amendments. I have stated many times that the GOP probably has a lot of good ideas but for some reason they will not bring them forward.

A Los Angeles Times reporter asked the president if he was not fulfilling his campaign pledge of transparency, for instance, when it came to the healthcare debate on CSPAN, releasing the executive's names that have met with the White House on Health Care, and the use of TARP funds. The president explained that as far as he was concerned, these meetings and could be held on CSPAN (some have) and the White House counsel recently released the names of the executives they have met with. To everyone's surprise he did not know much about the transparency of the TARP funds. He told a reporter that he would get back with her. Later that night, Robert Gibbs (White House spokesman) told Rachel Maddow they are reviewing the previous administration’s reasons for not disclosing names of people that met with them. Mr. Gibbs thought that they will change his policy soon.

The president made two points last night; he will not sign a bill that will add more taxes to the middle- class and in no circumstances will be the costs of this bill add to the deficit in the next decade.

I don't usually quote Ron Paul but this is what he told American Morning's Kiran Chetry “Well, one thing you have to do is say, why do people come up short and why is the cost so high? It's inflation and it's a government management of the health care system that is at fault. But even though I have my ideal system, I would like to see with the government out completely because that would be a much better system, that's not going to happen. I'm realistic. One thing we shouldn't do is pay for it with money created out of thin air. So what I would do in a transition, I've talked about this a whole lot, is cut spending somewhere and take care of the very people you're talking about. Because you don't want to cut, under these conditions, medical care from poor people who have been dependent or the elderly. But I would cut from overseas spending. I would cut from these trillions and trillions of dollars that we have spent over the years and bring our troops home so that we can finance it. A first, very, very minor step was done yesterday by cutting the F-22. I applaud Obama for that. We don't need one system removed - we need to change our foreign policy. Then we could afford the health care that is necessary to tide us over until we have come to our senses and believe freedom can deliver medical care much better than a bureaucracy in government. You have to deal with the problem of inflation as well because that's why people find that medical care costs too much.

Then again, that is the reason I don't quote him, on one hand, he is a realistic on the other, he talks about bringing our entire troops home……. Since we pay $1.8 trillion annually on Social security and Medicare, the government will always take a prominent seat when it comes to reforming Health Care. You cannot have one without the other and people will not give up their Social security and Medicare.