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The Victoria Advocate's "question of the day" took me back to where I fell in love with the game of baseball. I remembered the first thing that I did, when I woke up those summer mornings was bounce a tennis ball off the front porch while waiting for all my friends to wake up and play our first of many pickup games. Around 9:00, we all gathered up at the back unused cemetery lot that we called our home field. One of the big kids would toss a bat to another, after the other kid caught the bat; both would cross hands until the first one could put their hand on top of the knob. That person got first choice on picking his team. That was our incentive for practicing, no one wanted to be the last person picked or for that team captain to say they would play one person short rather than picking you. I don't see any more pickup games being played today, I guess you have to go online and play a virtual game.

Today's question of the day also reminded me of all the baseball arguments (no winners) I took part in ,with questions like; who was better Mantle or Mays, night baseball vs. day baseball, and of course, how would today's players fare against our baseball heroes of old. I can remember knowing all the rosters of all 16 teams because of our daily baseball card trading.

I still enjoy the game but play- by -play announcers like Bill Brown of the Houston Astros and Joe Morgan of ESPN drive me up the wall. I call Bill Brown the CPA of baseball because he constantly brings up useless stats. He might say something like “In the last seven days, Hunter Pence has the most infield hits in baseball or Lance Berkman has a .359 average when he is wearing the home pinstripes.” I may be exaggerating a little but not by much. I realize Joe Morgan is a Hall of Famer, but I don't need to know why he would play the infield in or walk Albert Pujols in a given situation. He announces like he's auditioning for a manager's job. Why can't they all be like the Los Angeles Dodgers' announcer, Vince Scully? Then again if you ever have a sleepless night, try listening to the smoothing voice of Mr. Scully, I guarantee you will be asleep in two minutes.

Baseball is a nice change of pace for me ,it gets me away from the Chicken Little and the “I'm right and everyone else is wrong"world that we seem to be living in today.

Have a nice weekend everyone