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Mr. Raymond Smith wrote a letter to the editor this morning, blaming the liberals and non- Christians for trying to lead America to a road of Socialism. He claims up until last year the word Socialism was seldom heard of . That’s funny, I read about these chants when FDR put in his proposals, and again when LBJ put in his. What did those presidents establish? They were responsible for Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare. Mr. Smith might be a recipient of two of those programs. It is now convenient for him to spread his word to a targeted group; since we just elected a black president and the democrats control the legislative branch.

Mr. Smith used all the buzz words like Hitler, Humanist, Stalin, Communist Manifesto,and liberals to emphasize his points but conveniently leaves out corruption and greed by the corporations left unfettered. He only named Bill Gates as one of the wealthiest, who has given to the poor. When this nation was in dire economic trouble, the free market capitalist did not come forward and buy the troubled financial institutions, they waited until the taxpayers made their bottom line better; with a bailout.

Mr. Smith I’m one of those Christians that does not wear his religion on his sleeve, because I sincerely believe that Jews, Muslims, and nonbelievers are not trying to undermine American for a government utopia. You said “Christians are discouraged from caring for the less fortunate because the government does.” I think those Christians you describe were looking for an excuse, because generosity comes from the heart, not the mind or Schedule A(itemized deductions) of their 1040. Christians are not the sole proprietors of those values. You blame Socialism for the decline in church attendance but I believe we cannot discount having to work two jobs, over time, and both parents having to work to make ends meet.Perhaps it's the constant gibberish and paranoia; you use to try to divide, what is not divided. The corporations have sent their jobs overseas, cut back on the benefits, and cost of living raises are unheard of. Socialism is not the answer but neither is Corporatism.

I do agree America has an inevitable history of benevolence and good works but we must not confuse temporary measures in extraordinary times;to adopt unfettered capitalism or Coporatism.e.g. I believe the Obama Administration should not take the public option off the table when it comes to Health Care Reform, because using this leverage will make the highly profitable insurance companies negotiate a better deal for all Americans.