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I was starting to feel better because most of my fellow Victorians agreed that standing over a defenseless 16 year old and pumping more shots into his body, at point blank range, was cold-blooded murder. Yesterday, Newt Gingrich backed off his racist comments aimed at Sonia Sotomayor. I thought we were moving toward some sort of civility. I was wrong.

Last Sunday’s murder of Dr. George Tiller was just a blip on the network news because random domestic terrorism is becoming the norm. If you have watched the Bill O’Reilly show for any link of time, during the last five years; you would know that he hated the late term abortion doctor, Dr.George Tiller with a passion. He called him Dr. George Killer Tiller and he had his stalker interviewer, hound Dr. Tiller at his office. The day after Dr.Tiller was murdered; the mainstream media turned their attention to Bill O’Reilly. As usual, Billo said he was blameless but he used his show to divert the blame to the mainstream media. He devoted a whole segment to blaming the media for not covering the murder of Pvt. William A. Long, because the bogeyman New York Times, buried the story on its back pages. Some even blamed the antiwar voices; for the murder of Pvt. Long. On cue, right- wing extremist, Michelle Malkin is calling out President Obama for his silence on this matter. Perhaps Fox News should explain their silence, after the former vice president’s mea Culpa. Fox news did not cover the friendly fire death of army ranger Corporal Pat Tillman in 2004, at the request of the White House. If a tit for tat were bullets, Fox News would have been out of ammo six years ago. I guess we will hear from that renowned journalist, Ann Coulter, coming up on Fox. Stay tuned.

A usual, everything is about abortion, for the social conservatives. One of their own went over the line and they really cannot condemn it, so they are trying to divert attention away from the subject. I was surprised to hear Rush Limbaugh say that he would endorse Sonia Sotomayor if she were pro-life; even though she’s a racist. To what Lengths?