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Barack Hussein Obama should continue to use his middle –name until it becomes as common place as Juan, Jethro, and Leroy because letting the right-wing use it to score cheap political points will continue. We currently have over 7,000 Muslim -Americans serving in our armed forces, so it about time the majority of American people realize we are not at war with Muslims. The president’s Christian roots and middle-name can bring in the best of both worlds, to understand that.

Last night I finally got to see the whole speech President Obama gave in Egypt and I was stunned, yet impressed, with his frankness, honesty, and boldness ;by saying that the Palestinians were an occupied people, scolding the Holocaust deniers, calling the Iraq War, a "war of choice", yet remained relentless in saying that we will not be deterred in going after the people who killed 3,0000 innocent Americans, making sure an event like that will never happen again.

I realize that this just starts the conversation but it comes from a different direction and it comes in as an honest broker. He realizes that Churchill placed Israel in the middle of the Arab nation without much support ,so Israel will always have the right to defend themselves but that nation may have to give land for peace ,once again. The Palestinians will have to swallow their pride and realize that constant war is never going to be the answer. Both sides want peace, so the starting point has always been there. Easy for me to say, especially since every president since Truman have echoed the same theme.