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Nowadays it’s quite commonplace to blame human behavior on a political stance. The other night David Letterman made a crude and insensitive joke about Sarah Palin’s daughter. He said that “Palin’s daughter had sex with Alex Rodriguez during the seventh inning stretch.” The Palin family answered like any other American family , whose daughter was denigrated for no apparent reason. Mr. Letterman gave a halfhearted apology but it doesn’t seem to be enough because Sarah Palin is out getting her revenge by going on any network that will televise this war between her and Letterman. Right leaning pundits are trying to say the Hollywood lefties are out to marginalize Sarah Palin because they see her as a threat. Nothing could be further from the truth, because this was a cruel joke by David Letterman, nothing else. Conservative columnists S. E. Cupp told Sean Hannity said that it was all Obama’s fault because he allowed his surrogates in the media to do his dirty talking for him. Huh?

The Holocaust Museum shootings reminded us that we have a lot of lunatics out there, like James Wenneher von Brunn who are not affiliated with any political part party or mainstream political movement. The media called Mr. Von Brunn a right wing extremist and the conservative talk show hosts took offense. Rush Limbaugh went on offense by the saying the murderer was definitely a leftist and President Obama is desensitizing the public to the Holocaust due to his stance on Gaza. On the other side, Paul Krugman is saying all this right wing violence is fueled by talk radio and Fox. Usually the crazies are in their world all their own, and the only fuel they have is paranoia and ignorance.

I wish the media would keep the sideshows to a minimum, so the American people can concentrate on the important things like Health Care Reform, the economy, and the outcome of today’s election in Iran.