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The Sunday talk shows were complete waste of my time because it the same old tired arguments that do not generate compromise or new ideas. Sometimes I wish they would pass a rule to allow the louder, obnoxious, minority party to have their own way for six months. Earlier this year John Boehner and John McCain suggested a spending freeze until September. That would have lasted for about two weeks because unemployment would have skyrocketed to 25% and Wall Street would have crashed. The corporations would have their tax cuts but they would be using it, just to try to stay afloat because the banks would not been any position to lend any money because we let them fail.

I used to think that Mitt Romney was a serious republican candidate but after hearing him say that Barack Obama's recent Middle East trip was just an “apology tour” then insinuated that the president said it was every country's right to develop a nuclear weapon, assured me that Mitt Romney is going on a “lying tour.”Mitt Romney actually compromised with the democrats on a pretty decent Health Care program, when he was governor of Massachusetts. Yesterday he took credit for what was good about the program, but would not even talk about its flaws. Joe Scarborough gave credit to President Obama's Cairo speech; as the main reason Lebanon turned out Hezbollah in the recent election and maybe the reason the ayatollahs stole the recent election in Iran. 40million people voted in the Iranian election and the results came back in minutes, indicates a fraudulent election. I think that we were prepared to negotiate with either elected president because we know that the ayatollahs have the final word anyway.

The president's surrogates could not get a word in about Health Care Reform because the republicans continued to try to derail any kind of reform with their talk of government run Health Care. The GOP hates the public option and wants a 100% free market solution. It's as if the insurance companies have been doing a lovely job, the 85% increase in cost in the last 10 years was not their fault, and the precondition clause and higher premiums had nothing to do with 47 million people not having insurance. The insurance companies have agreed to drop their precondition clause if the democrats drop their public option plan. Insurance companies claim that the government would have an unfair advantage, true, but I'm sure the insurance companies have a lot of wiggle room to negotiate with, without affecting their bottom line.

Bill Maher ends his show with a “New Rules” segment which I wish Congress adopt and call it a “Special Rules” clause that would allow the minority party to put up or shut up. We are lucky to have Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley working hard try to find a compromise to get a bipartisan Health Care Reform bill passed with at least 70 votes. If it just seen as a Democrat bill, then the reform bill will take the same route as Hillarycare.