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According to a recent Gallup poll, the president is enjoying a 65% approval rating, so the displeasure coming from the base will only help the president with the moderates. The liberals will still support this president because the alternative is so much worse, in their opinion.

The fact that President Obama has not repealed all of Bush’s anti-terror policies and MSNBC is reporting that the administration will not release the visitor's logs as he promised on the campaign, has started this string of displeasure. . The liberals don’t seem to care that this administration has only been in office for about six months, so they cannot completely dismantle ongoing procedures until they are completely sure of all the ramifications involved. The liberals go unnoticed because they lack the attack dogs like Paul Begala and James Carville, they once had. The conservatives should quit whining because their only message of “government run Health Care” is the only message, which gets through, in the mainstream media. The majority of democrats want Health Care Reform but the liberals favor a single -payer Universal Healthcare System. President Obama ran on getting all children insured, and has now switched to the John Edwards / Hillary Clinton model of making affordable Health Care available for everyone. The final straw may have been President Obama’s speech to the AMA. The AMA is a lobbyist group for Physicians; they are the group that derailed Hillary Clinton’s health care plan and the democrats that supported it. The AMA will never be interested in affordable Health Care because it means less money in their pockets.

I think Bill Maher said it best “Obama could use a little of Bush's decisiveness - without the misguided policies.”When he wanted to get something done, he got it done... If Bush could go to war in Iraq when nobody was thinking about it, how come this president can't get through something like health care reform in a way that the people really want when people are actually for it." .......Talk show host Ed Schultz is begging the president to look of the poll numbers showing that Americans by 60% want Health Care Reform. Mr. Shultz wants the president to stop wasting his time trying to get bipartisan support because the GOP will never go against the lobbyist from Big Pharma or the AMA; instead the president needs to speak directly to the American people and members of his own party. He suggested an honest approach of saying “yes they are complications, yes it will be expensive, and yes, he will repeal the Bush tax cuts that were targeted to the top 2% ,in ordered to pay for it.” The president should explain that Health Care costs have been skyrocketing for ten years and two previous administrations have neglected the problem for too long.