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Yesterday was a frustrating day, I felt like the lab rat inside a wheel going around and around but always coming back to the same place of “government run Health Care, insurance companies going bankrupt, and doctors leaving the profession.” The conservatives described a perfect storm for disaster but as usual, no alternatives or solutions. It was like hearing the words of Milton Friedman and Irving Fisher “The free market knows best” repeated over and over. I am to believe that the 85% rise in the cost is due to the bureaucrats in Washington and the insurance companies ,Big Pharma, hospitals, HMOs, and the doctors will lower the cost on their own because that’s what's right for America.{Drum roll please}.... I think I will call some painters because I think I have some buyers for that Guadalupe River Bridge; I have been trying to sell.... Enough with Health Care Reform and onto the question “Do words matter anymore?”

I was stunned that Joe Scarborough and Ed Schultz were arguing about the motives of Dick Cheney, when he said that President Obama’s policies are making us less safe. It was compounded when the head of the CIA, Leon Panetta said it sounded as if Dick Cheney was wishing we would get attacked in order to prove his point. Leon Panetta backed down on his comments a bit. Probably, at the request of the White House. I don’t believe any American wants us to get attacked again, but I think Dick Cheney would be one of the first to say “I told you so.” I do believe the former vice president’s is feeling the heat as the Obama Administration continues to declassify more material. Yesterday ,we found out that the enhance interrogation methods did not save American lives, and one at the detainees the Bush Administration claimed was a high level al Qaeda operative(#2 or #3) turned out to be false.

John McCain and Mike Pence are clamoring for action in the recent fraudulent elections in Iran. That would be the worst possible solution because the ayatollahs could then blame the riots and demonstrations on American intervention. We should have learned a lesson from the last time we meddled into the affairs of the Iranian government..

I was premature in my condemnation of David Letterman for his recent joke and aimed at Sarah Palin’s daughter because even though the joke was in bad taste, Sarah Palin is using it to get political mileage. After David Letterman apologized, Sarah Palin accepted it but not without bringing in the troops and American family’s values song and dance, for her cause. That is shameful exploration (even though she did not initiate it) of one’s family for political gain..IMO

Newsweek’s Evan Thomas wrote a little piece about how the right wing blogs used his words to prove that the liberal press loves Obama. He went on to explain how Peter Wehner of used his words to say that the left wing media views Obama as the Anointed One. I saw that segment Mr. Thomas did with Chris Matthews, so what he actually said was “In a way, Obama standing above the country –above , a sort of god.” He was not being literal, and he knows any sort of explanation will not be accepted, so he will parse his words more carefully next time.

This public forum might be a place for exchanging ideas but we are a long way from that…Words do not matter if no one is paying attention