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Although there are some polls that might contradict the analysis of the Wall Street Journal/ NBC poll, I prefer the questions and summary of this poll. I’m aware of polls are just a snapshot of the present time, but it beats results from one sided personal stories and analysis.

The president’s popularity is starting to crest because his approval numbers are at 56%, down from 61% two months ago. The independents' approval of the president has dropped from 60% two months ago to 46%. These numbers are believable, because many of the independents are former republicans.

The numbers are probably disappointing the White House, but they are using the line that all administrations use “We don’t make decisions based on the polls.” The White House cannot overlook the fact that 69% disapprove of today’s government intervention and 53% didn’t like the bailout of GM and Chrysler. The numbers are confusing at times because even thou 58% want job creation and deficit reduction; they think that Obama is focused on what is needed by 60%. ….Back in April only 38% of those polled; thought this economy would improve, today that number is up 46%. Granted I’m just a layman, but to me, these numbers suggest that the American people are scared of the unknown, and they just don’t think government is the solution. Two schools of thought; the people think the economy is improving so it is time to start reining in the spending or the administration’s back loaded stimulus package has not been enough impact to influence the skeptics. If these numbers do not change in the next three months, I think the Obama Administration will settle for a watered down Health Care reform bill ,without a public option.

I used to think the right wing ideologues like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck's constant nay saying were making an impact but apparently not, since this poll had GOP approval still at 25%. Yesterday’s Gallup had a poll that asked who the people thought will be more trustworthy when it came to reforming Health Care, 73% sided with doctors, 58% with Obama, 42% with democratic leaders, 35% with the insurance companies and only 34% with the republican leaders…. People trust the insurance companies more than they do the GOP leaders. That’s hilarious but the GOP did put out a healthcare plan yesterday; without any real numbers attached to it.