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You would think a major network like Fox News would try to maintain some sort credibility, but they are doubling down on letting their pundits spread some outrageous claims. that can easily be checked with Google, YouTube, or various fact checkers like one’s memory, for instance.

Some of Fox’s pundits have been saying that, ABC should stand for “All Barack Channel” how creative, I wonder how long it took and how much they paid for that childish acronym. The Fox network has been on this “Unprecedented Access” kick since NBC was allowed to do a two part series, about the new administration and the day to day operations of the White House. ABC will follow up on a feature called “Questions for the president: Prescription for America.” This Health Care Reform feature will allow the president to answer questions from those selected by ABC News.

Karl Rove, of all people, was complaining because former ABC reporter Linda Douglass is now working for the White House. Karl Rove is Fox’s chief political consultant... Dana Perino complained on the Washington Times morning show about the double standard of media access ability. Did she forget the right wing talk show commentators broadcasting from the White House lawn? You gotta give it to Sean Hannity because he kept a straight face when he asked Karl Rove “You were there and the White House for the better part of eight years. Did this ever happen while George W. Bush was president? Like everything else, Karl Rove said the White House never gave unprecedented access. I’m sure it slipped his mind that Fox News’s Bret Baier called his documentary covering the White House, Air force One and Bush’s ranch in Texas, an Unprecedented Access inside the president’s world.

I understand media jealousy but this is taking it to a new level where an entire network becomes devoted to being against anything this president does. In an interview with CNBC, President Obama noted the constant criticism he receives from Fox by saying “I’ve got one television station that is entirely devoted to attacking my administration. Leave it to right-wing conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer to twist the president’s words by saying “He said, I think accurately, that it is the one, only voice of opposition in the media. No, it starts with Fox and Friends in the Morning, and they don’t end the criticism until late at night, which is their right, but they should be honest about it.

I still remember Bill O’Reilly making a fool of himself at the rope line trying to get access to then presidential candidate Obama. Fox would love to have access to the president, but they want it on their terms. Fortunately, it does not work that way.