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It’s a good thing that Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski were broadcasting from South Beach Florida and Chris Matthews was in the New York MSNBC studio because this group was at each other’s throat from the opening bell. Chris Matthews must of had some extra caffeine this morning because he was ready for a willing Joe Scarborough.

Joe Scarborough came armed with the latest Washington Post/ ABC poll on Health Care reform that found that 81% thought it would reduce access, 84% thought it would increase cost , 79 percent thought it would limited their doctor access, and 84% thought it would increase the deficit. Chris Matthews called Joe Scarborough a typical right winger that does not want Health Care for all and that he will continue to try to derail, yet another healthcare proposal. Chris emphasize that money is never the issue when right wingers want to go to war. Miki has been following Joe Scarborough on the shameless book tour; where Joe using his show to promote his book, so she got an earful from Mr. Matthews this morning when he said “"Mika, I think you've been caught up in this pussyfooting here." By this time Joe Scarborough’s face was a bright red as he continued to shout over Chris Matthews in a Bill O’Reilly style ,saying that, “yes, he wanted everyone insured because it is a moral issue, but if he does not want a government run Health Care System that will balloon the deficit even more. "

Chris Matthews let his emotions get away from him this morning, I understand that because Healthcare Reform is my passion also, but he should know by now that conservatives have a short memory and can say “from this day forward we will be fiscal conservatives” and not bat an eye. Chris Matthews has taken a complete left lately, so that will hurt him in rounding up a guest for his “Hardball” show. Perhaps he has seen the ratings and is making a business decision, but I think his compassion for Health Care reform is sincere.

The show ended on a lighthearted take on South Carolina’s governor Mark Sanford’s five day disappearance. It seems that the governor wanted to spend Fathers Day away from his four young boys, without telling his wife where he was going. Mark Sanford finally made it back today from exotic Buenos Aires, Argentina. His staff told the press that he was hiking in the Appalachians. That’s a long hike. Chris Matthews threw the final jab at the Scarborough/Mika team by lumping in Mark Sanford with the other crazies like Governor Perry, Governor Palin, and Governor Jindal, Joe Scarborough responded with “how about your Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid?"...My wife had it right several days ago when she thought Governor Sanford was having an affair,now, that has been confirmed.

It looks like the Orator -in -Chief has his work cut out for him and today’s ABC’s documentary from the White House on Health Care reform will be a good start. He cannot depend on his party because as Bill Maher said Friday night “the liberals are left out because the current democrats are the new republicans and the old republicans are representing the crazy right.” Money talks.