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In this modern day of Twitter, Facebook, and Goggle where individuals are free to exchange, express, and seek out answers to dogma; a country ruled by a theory of “blind obedience” will slowly give way to a more practical style of government; be it a democracy or a component of one. This is not saying that religion will go by the wayside; it will just be separated from the politics of governing. The Supreme leader of Iran said that the recent election was a 'Divine Assessment; evidently not, since millions of Iranians went to the street in protest.

Iran is roughly the size of the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Germany combined with a population of 70 million. Any hopes of diplomacy must be long term because 2/3 of their population is under 30 years old and 70% of that group is pro-western.

The current regime of The Republic of Iran will continue to be ruled by a Supreme Leader; enforced by the secret police and the military but they were forced to accept the need for an inquiry into the recent election. The Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's word and rule was questioned; a sure sign of losing power. The Supreme Leader has to hope the senior clerics do not lose confidence in him. Unless a peaceful resolution can be made with the protesters this regime will have to hold power with military intimidation.

President Obama is trying to undermine the image of “the Great Satan” by trying to reach out to the civilian population of Iran and did so in his inaugural speech, New Year's message, and the recent Cairo speech. America's Neoconservatives are trying to paint this president as being weak, timid, and a cream puff, because he is not using the harsh rhetoric of Ronald “tear down this wall” Reagan. This is the same Neocons that never apologized for the Iraq fiasco. Iran is practically a lone wolf, since it is predominately Shia, while most of the Islamic world is mostly Sunni, so Mr. Obama has the support of many Arab countries; that do not want Iran to have a nuclear weapon.

Some posters lump in Iran with the entire beheading crowd, yet they probably do not know the difference between a Shia and a Sunni (nor do they care) but it is not my job to educate them because they can go, buy the latest issue of Newsweek or watch the coverage of this recent Iranian crisis, if they want to be more knowledgeable. I certainly am not an expert on the Middle East but I trust journalist like Richard Engel and Fareed Zakaria to educate me.

This is my summary from the June 29, 2009 issue of Newsweek where I read the opinions of Jon Meacham and Fareed Zakaria **