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The house passed a historic bill to address the threat of climate change by a narrow margin of 219 to 212, with 44 Democrats voting against it. This bill had the Green Party screaming because it was too weak and the Republicans calling for a moment of silence because many jobs would be lost. This 1,300 page legislation is a cap- and- trade system that will allow utilities, manufactures and other heat trapping gas emitters to trade pollution permits or allowances among themselves.

Far be it from me to question the moves and motives of the seasoned house speaker, Nancy Pelosi but why now? A majority of the 44 democrats that voted against this bill were Blue Dog Democrats but their votes will be crucial when the senate sends their version of the Health Care Reform bill, so the house speaker must be careful not to overreach. This water downed Waxman-Markey bill threw in some favors to the coal in agricultural industries, just to get it passed; so it will be extra difficult to pass in the United States Senate. This house bill falls short because it only requires that greenhouse emissions be cut by 17% by the year 2020 and 83% by the year 2050. Then again, this is the first time in our history that Congress had approved a bill meant to curb greenhouse gases. I hope the senate strengthens the bill, so we have some sense of credibility when it comes to negotiating a new international climate change treaty later this year.

The Congressional Budget Office stated that the house bill would add about $175 per household in increase cost. Republicans are disputing those numbers. I don’t know what the total cost of the Waxman-Markey bill (nor do I care, right now) because this bill will definitely be overhauled.

This bill created some funny moments, like minority leader John Boehner trying to obstruct the passage of this bill by threatening to read 300 pages of some amendments, but he gave up and just read a selected few. Glenn Beck called the bill “treasonous.”..Really?

I was wrong because I did not think this administration wanted to tackle Climate Change legislation right now but what do I know. Political pundits are saying that this administration will try and pass Illegal Immigration Reform before the year’s out. I know the old adage of passing important legislation in your first year because it will be more difficult in the next three, makes good sense, but it also lost Bill Clinton house and senate seats. Bill Clinton tried Health Care Reform and passed “Don’t ask Don’t tell” in the same time frame. I still say overreach will do in any political party. Those independents matter..Then again this may be a good argument against term –limits because all this legislation being thrown at freshman legislators is equivalent to “a blitz on every play.” An article in Politico stated that the freshman legislators are being overwhelmed.

Jimmy Carter was a terrible president, but I cannot help but wonder where we would be if we would have taken his advice to seek alternative energy, way back in the 1970s. He even went as far to; install solar panels on the White House roof. One of Ronald Reagan’s first moves was to remove the solar panels and reset the country’s mindset back to fossil fuels. Several administrations after that, republican and democrat, have dropped the ball, and continued with this “fossil fuel mindset.”