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Michelle Bachman, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Fox News and some republican members of Congress are spreading a conspiracy theory that ACORN ,under the guise as 2010 census takers will be responsible for going to a door –to- door collecting data for the Obama administration. Fox featured a story headline called “ACORN to play role in 2010 censes” and it took off from there to the right wing blogs and its chain e-mail distributors.

ACORN along with 30,000 other groups have signed up and on the Census Bureau’s website but the agency expects to have over 100,000 partners sign up for this open invitation. In the year 2000, 140,000 groups were signed up.

A census bureau official has acknowledged that ACORN is indeed one of their 40,000 partners along with Target group, Goodwill Industries and Telemundo that will be needed to work in hard-to-count communities. The census bureau is without a director because the republicans have been blocking the confirmation of Robert Groves because he is an expert in statistical sampling and the conservatives say that the constitution bars sampling for the decennial count.
Commerce Secretary Gary Locke and Maine Republican senators Susan Collins are calling for the immediate confirmation of Robert Groves.

The Census Bureau public affairs specialist Shelly Lowe said the agency needs 1.2 million temporary workers but is not hiring everyone that walks in because they will need a FBI a background and fingerprint check. On April 23, 2009 Gary Locke responded to concerns about ACORN’s role by saying the Census will not be hiring anyone from ACORN, but they will be used to get the word out.

ACORN came to fame as a right wing bogeyman in the last presidential campaign ,when the McCain camp accused them of massive voter fraud. As of yet, no evidence has been brought forward that fraudulent votes were cast as any results of anything ACORN did. The district Atty. of Allegheny County Pennsylvania charged seven ACORN workers with forgery and violating election laws by filing hundreds of bogus voter registration forms last year. There have been no accusations in either Pennsylvania or Nevada that ACORN or its workers are connected with any instances of vote casting or even attempting to cast an illegal ballot.

To his credit Bill O’Reilly corrected one of his e-mailers by saying that ACORN will only play minor role in the 2010 census taking and Jake Sherman of the conservative leaning Wall Street Journal; wrote a fair and honest assessment about ACORN ‘s role in the 2010 Census being challenged.