Blogs » Politcs Plus » U.S. troops leave Iraqi cities


We don’t need to hang a “Mission Accomplished” banner but American combat troops have finally withdrawn from all Iraqi cities just ahead of the deadline outlined in the “Status of Forces” agreement, President Bush and Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki signed. Shortly before the pullout; 4 U.S. soldiers and 29 Iraqis were killed, so the pentagon will not show pictures of the 130,000 soldiers steadily withdrawing from all the cities ,as they did in Vietnam.

The Iraqis are celebrating and are declaring June 30: National Sovereignty Day, because even with all our goodwill efforts and security measures, we were always known as a occupying force. I heard a happy Iraqi official say “we will keep the peace-the Iraqi way.”.. It’s like teaching a young child to ride a bike, as long as we’re in Iraq, we will always have the tendency to pick them up and prop them up again. The Iraqi 600,000 security forces must learn to stand on their own two feet, to police and defend their own country.

Iraq will continue to be a hotbed for violence because the utilities (although better than last year) are still in poor shape, the only good jobs are with the government, and Iraq has never had to deal with terrorism. In the next few days the oil ministry will begin awarding contracts to international oil companies. What a coincidence… Perhaps all the construction and reconstruction will lead to better paying jobs instead of the need of settling old scores.

A lot of the troops will go from the frying pan, into the fire, by exiting Iraq and entering its neighbor, Afghanistan…God speed.