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Fox News Sunday started off the Sunday lineup with two republicans telling Chris Wallace how bad the Obama budget was, but as usual no alternative solutions.  A panel of Brit Hume, Bill Kristol, and Maria Liasson, and Chris Wallace joined in to attack the budget because it taxed the upper 2%; leaving poor Juan Williams to talk about the massive wealth’ the rich have been able to accumulate under the republican administrations.  This panel tried to repeat the same old line about the tax increase hindering small businesses.  Juan Williams countered by saying Obama would give tax breaks to 95% of the taxpayers making less than $250,000, and then he corrected their statement by saying that only 2% small businesses would be hurt under Obama’s tax increase.  The panel pretty much agreed with the Iraq withdrawal, except for Bill Kristol who would be happy with an endless war.

Meet the Press was pretty informative but their panel discussion was pretty much a liberal vs. conservative battle. The highlight of the day came from David Gregory, asking Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to describe the difference between Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama.  Mr. Gates thought about it, then said “Obama, is more analytical and gets input from everyone in the room, and will ask a question of one that that did not ask a question.” I couldn’t help it, I was reminded of a Jon Stewart skit, about a top level meeting that took place, and President Bush leaned over and asked General Petraeus if he knew how to fix his TiVo.

This week with George Stephanopoulos, was a policy battle between George Will, Karl Rove, Katrina vanden Heuvel and a democratic pollster from the eighties, Stan Greenberg.  As usual Katrina vanden Heuvel and came out firing by telling Karl Rove that he did not have one ounce of credibility, after the last disastrous eight years.  When George Will named all the government programs that have not worked, the 80s pollster said “it was because the republicans screwed it up so bad that the people just don’t trust government anymore.”I was surprised George Will and Karl Rove agreed that Barack Obama’s budget and ideas are not socialist.

I came away with a feeling that a lot of smart people are scared of the unknown and their ideology being trampled on. I think because Obama has a 70% approval and the congressional Democrats have a 50% approval, they are going full steam ahead with their agenda and only good ideals and power of persuasion from the republicans can slow them down. The democrats will fight the administration to keep the home mortgage interest deduction, more subsidies to the farmers, and higher charitable deductions rate for the upper income. The democratic leadership is still uncomfortable with the 50,000 troops that will stay in Iraq until 2011 and the escalation of the Afghanistan war.

 CPAC 2009 was a laugh a minute and that was without governors Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal in attendance.It was not a total loss,Rush Limbaugh misquoted the constitution,Joe the plumber sold 5 books,Ron Paul said President Wilson was wrong for getting us into WWI(let it go Dr. Paul)Michele Bachmann(R-MN)told Michael Steele "you tha man" and most of the speakers bashed George W. Bush...What a show.