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I will admit the Obama administration is going 90 mph with legislation, spending, and reining in the Bush domestic and foreign policies, but the naysayers are going 100 mph with myths, lies .and distortions. We do not have to be a willing, uninformed, conduit.

Republicans,democrats,liberals,conservatives and those that want to secede; need to double check the rhetoric coming from the white house and the opposition ;for accuracy. This environment is ripe for myths, lies, and distortions. I use, and CSPAN but many non-profit sites are available.

This is the situation as I see it: Democrats have control of congress and the executive branch so any conservative idea must have a compromising solution because elections have consequences. Constructive criticism or alternative plans, should be welcomed but repeating the same old talking points and theories will be discounted and the only way the GOP will benefit, is with a Democratic failure, but by then it will be too late.

These are a few examples:

1.      Fox is repeating the Representative Trent Franks lie that the new Stimulus bill will deliver customers from Disneyland to the doorstep of a Las Vegas brothel (that would be simulative). Truth is Nevada will use the new money to refurbish a historic railroad line between Gold Hill, NV and Carson City. If this line brings in future revenues then it has worked.

2.      Cap& Trade: The George Marshall Institute study indicates that this policy will cost jobs in the thousands and would increase each household with a higher electric bill and tax hike.  They project higher tax rates 50 years from now. I am a little leery on any projection over 6 months,…The Obama Administration acknowledges the higher initial spike in energy costs but they also assume a $78.7 billion in revenues in 2012 (I know over 6 months) from the sale of greenhouse emission permits to the polluters, and it wants to set aside $60 billion of that to help finance another “Making work pay” tax credits for lower –income families. This legislation still needs a lot of work, because many democrats come from rural areas and they want to protect the factories and coal states they represent.

3.      Health care: Of course the same old socialize medicine and” illegal immigrants want your health benefits” will be used. Look at the Federal Guide Lines for Health care.

(a)Only emergency care (b) Emergency immunization and testing for communal diseases.

I could go on and on…. I will not agree with all of the decisions the administration will make, but I can never understand why adults have to resort to myths, lies, and distortions, especially our politicians. I am far from perfect, so I don’t expect perfection from our politicians but on matters of grave concern, they could be a little more truthful..I think we can handle the truth.