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This week the local outrage was over H. R. 45 and Barack Obama’s policies. H.R. 45 is a gun bill that does not have any co-sponsors ( and like many before them, is just gathering dust in some committee room waiting to die.  Some posters are concerned about the spending bills and “cap and trade” legislation that will tax the poor.  The “Cap and Trade “legislation has not been debated, nor has it come up for a vote.

Many posters scream and holler about their second amendment rights being violated, yet they remain silent while the Bush administration was violating the 1ST and 4th amendment of the United States constitution….Selective constitutionalist.

This week Atty. General Eric Holder declassified and released the Bush secrete memos.

1)      It allowed U.S. soldiers to search houses of suspected terrorist without a court approval warrant…………. In the UNITED STATES.

2)      They could override constitutional protections guaranteeing the right of free speech. 

3)      Censoring the press was an option. (Were they listening to Joe the plumber?)


On January 15, 2009 principal deputy assistant Atty. General Stephen Bradbury covered his behind, by issuing a legal opinion, saying that the opinions of the office of legal counsel “should not be treated as a such for any purposes.”

From the period 2001 until January 15, 2009; we were under a dictatorship type of government for all intents and purposes.


The ACLU applauded the action of the Obama Administration but is asking for the release of all the secret memos related to interrogation, detention, surveillance, and other unconstitutional actions.  Remember when the administration admitted that two interrogation tapes were missing,then destroyed?  We now know it was 92 tapes that were destroyed.


Harriet Miers and Karl Rove testified behind closed doors today, a transcript was kept, and they were subject to a perjury charges but they were not under oath.  What is it with republicans, not wanting to testify under oath?  I see a pattern. 


Barack Obama held the first of many health care summits to come, to discuss” What is not working.” He pledged to follow up and not let the much needed health care reform be ignored as it has for the last 30 years. 120 lawmakers were in attendance, were any of our three representatives present? Why not?