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I will always embrace my left of center views, and I will answer to anything but moderate because I do have an opinion.  It has been fun and time -consuming trying to show that the other side might have a point once in while.

During the 1988 presidential campaign, then vice president George H.W. Bush called governor Dukakis a “tax and  spend liberal “and made it stick, on his way to a landslide victory.  Since then, the left has been running away from that label that portrayed them as tree hugging, pro criminal rights hippies.  Today most democrats prefer the term progressive to describe their ideology.  The table did turn in the  2008 congressional races, many republican candidates left  out the “conservative and republican” on their campaign signs because of the region they were running in, they did not want to be identified with the George Bush/ Sarah Palin wing of their party.

My definition of a moderate is one that does not care about the day-to-day political process at all.  They will normally vote for a candidate they feel comfortable with, regardless of party affiliation or ideology.  They are normally swing voters and they despise the left/right battles, but once they step across that line, a label will be attached to them.

I’m not a spokesman for liberalism but I understand their beliefs and I don’t think the right completely understands our position but that does not keep them from giving their definition.

These are some examples:

Gun Control: A lot of liberals are not as passionate about the second amendment as their conservative counterparts, and they can see where some common sense laws should be enacted for cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles as opposed to laws in Butte, Montana.

A woman’s right to choose: government intervention into a decision between a mother and her doctor is what liberals oppose.  If the church wants to excommunicate a violator of their church’s belief, have at it.

Prayer in school: I can only speak for myself.  We had prayer in school, and I cannot see where it made in a difference.  My grandchildren have attended Catholic and public schools and I do not see the difference.  This is a nonissue.

Capital punishment: I don’t think this is a question of  ideology but I’m not really against the death penalty but I think DNA test results should be mandatory, and I have not been convinced that capital punishment deters crime.

Environment: I will take clean air and water over corporate profits any day.

Illegal immigration: I see three culprits and a broken system.

1)      Our government has been turning a blind eye on enforcement and let this problem escalate to its current position.

2)      Employers that continue to ignore our labor laws should be severely punished.

3)      The illegal immigrants that disobey our immigration laws should be captured and deported.

4)      I would put the equal weight on the three culprits and come up with a comprehensive reform immigration policy that will last as for the next 100 years.


Health Care Reform: This is my passion and I now have an answer for the naysayers that continue to say we cannot afford to reform health care because of our current economic woes. We spent $2.2 trillion last year and the cost is rising; we cannot afford not to tackle heath care reform. The sooner the better. It is right there with banking, housing and the credit crunch problems.


I can respect a difference of opinion but I have a problem with those that want to use the full force of our government to enforce some moral positions they take, but they cry foul when the government enforces anti-pollution or some civil rights and liberties.


I think the social conservatives are having a tough time coping with the makeup of new multi-culture United States..It is not their 1950 United States and with an aging population and a birth rate of 1.0, they are helpless in stopping the trend..All the rest is a smokescreen…IMO..but I have data to support my position.