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Last night’s news conference gave the media a chance to regain their backbone ,and they came out swinging for the fence. The president kept them at bay all night with some well rehearsed jabs. The president got the chance to explain his reasoning for some of the decisions he has made. The news conference did not have any questions about Iraq or Afghanistan.

The question of the night came from CNN’s Ed Henry, when he asked the president why he waited days to express outrage on the AIG bonuses. "It took us a couple of days because I like to know what I'm talking about before I speak," he said…I guess Mr. Henry thought the president had a sinister reason for not responding sooner. I liked the president’s response because after all, 9 of the 10 top recipients of the AIG bonuses gave them back. We had knee-jerk solutions and answers for 8 years.  The president addressed the Washington Times reporter’s question ,about his thoughts for funding the discarded embryonic stem cells. Obama said science would not be the only standard used, when it comes to decisions about stem cells. He said  ethics and the science would be considered, and if we prove that adult stem cells have a greater benefit, then he does not want to engage in a controversy, so his choice would be for adult stem cell usage.

Most of the questions centered on Obama’s $3.6 trillion budget that the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office projected would generate a $749 billion deficit or 4.3% of the economy in 2014. Naturally the republicans are against his budget, a and they projected even more gloom and doom….The president accused them of having selective memories, with no real alternatives. Senator Grassley(R-IA) suggested the government cut spending for three years…That’s a winner, the economy completely collapses with deflation, and the GOP walks in as the default party. Of course they have that “make the Bush tax cuts for the rich, permanent” battle cry.

The alternative solution comes from 15 conservative Democratic Senators; who vow to slow down the president’s aggressive and costly agenda. The only question remaining is whether they will use a scalpel, Swiss-knife, or a chain saw on the $3.6 trillion budget. Unlike the republicans the democrats are not monolithic group, who will rubber stamp this president’s proposals. Checks and balance is alive and well. Today ,the president will meet with that group, to remind them that he still has the bully pulpit, the budget reconciliation process, a veto, and a 63% approval rating to contend with. I don’t think the president will budge on the middle-class tax cut, health care or education reform. He was wavering a little bit on cap-and-trade last night, and he might be persuaded to forgo that legislation for something less costly, but he is serious about a green energy alternative source.

Health care cost last year was $2.2 trillion, so if we completely ignore that figure, then forget about solutions for Medicare and Social Security or our trade imbalance. They are all interconnected. If not this year, when?