Blogs » Politcs Plus » Hillary Clinton: the U.S. shares blame because of its demand for drugs and supply of weapons.


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton cemented her pledge to stand “shoulder to shoulder” with Mexico, in its struggle against the Mexican drug cartel, by sharing the blame in admitting that our insatiable desire for illicit drugs, fuels this drug war. A great diplomat lays it out on the line, so that is the reason for her 71% approval in her job as Secretary of State.

The United States is not responsible for the thugs that make up the drug cartel. They chose that criminal behavior, but our country supplies 90% of the guns they use and 90% of the money they take in. Mexican drug usage is on the up rise, and corrupt Mexican government officials are also part of the blame.

The United States must not succumb to the cartel’s intimidation methods, by legalizing marijuana (60% of their cash crop), because that just sends a message of weakness. Elliot Ness brought down Al Capone, corrupt city officials, and the Mafia by being persistent.

Mexico has some of the strictest gun laws in the world. It is in many ways similar to the United Kingdom, except with much more severe prison terms for even the smallest gun law violations. That leaves the United States (primarily Houston, TX) as the gun shop of choice. I read an article in the Houston Chronicle about how the cartels were buying guns. Other than criminals selling to criminals, the cartel would recruit a Mexican-American without a criminal record and steady job, to throw off the suspicious gun dealers. Hillary Clinton, Homeland Security, and the Administration knows that it would not be political feasible to outlaw assault weapons because the gun fanatics and the NRA would go ballistic. I believe reasonable gun-owners would not mind a 6 month moratorium, but that’s a moot point.

The Mexican drug cartel is outspending the Mexican government bribing the government officials and buying military-style equipment such as night vision goggles and body armor. Besides efforts in stopping the gun smuggling, Hillary Clinton promised extra money for training, technology, and about 450 more federal law enforcement officers. This might raise the price of drugs, but I would look for the cartel to look for other routes, like the 2000 miles of unprotected Canada/US border.