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This morning President Obama unveiled his new Afghan plan of sending 4,000 additional troops to train the Afghan army. This is on top of the 17,000 extra combat troops, which have already been ordered to Afghanistan........Afganistan currently, has 65,000 troops and under this plan they will increase the size of their army to 134,000 in two years. This effort will put an extra $1 billion a month to our debt riddled budget. This action will give the commander-in chief full ownership of this war.

Joe Scarborough (host of MSNBC’s “Good morning Joe) wondered if the left would oppose Barack Obama ,as they did George W. Bush over the Iraq War. I thought that was a silly question because:

1. Most of the left are not anti-war, just anti Iraq war

2. Iraq was a war of choice.

3. Senate Intelligence Committee Final Phase II Reports on Prewar Iraq Intelligence stated that “In making the case for war, the Administration repeatedly presented intelligence as fact when in reality, it was unsubstantiated.

4. Dissentors of the expanded role in Afghanistan, will not be called unpatriotic

5. Afganistan does not have oil fields, nor will it be staffed by 150,000 contractors.


John Nagal (author of “The U.S.Army/Marine Corps Counterinsurgency Field Manual) said it would take us 15 years, $20 billion, and a combined allied and Afghan army of 650,000 to get the results we are seeking. I don’t think we have the patience, political will, or funds to see this through. Our reputation precedes us. I still say it would be political suicide to re-institute the draft, or vote in a war tax, so we are pretty much stuck with band-aid approaches and hope for the best.


Unlike al Qaeda, the Taliban is more tribal and does not have international goals of terrorism. They are just regional fundamentalist bullies. According to our intelligence sources ,some the Taliban fighters could be convinced to break away (bribed) with money or because of tribal feuds. A senior official said we are not trying to negotiate with Mullah Omar (Taliban leader) because he just wants all foreigners out of this country, so the country can return to its medieval days of the 90s.


This war should be called the Afghan/Pakistan war because leaving Afghanistan today would leave that country in a pre-9/11 state, where it was a haven for al Qaeda training camps under the Taliban regime. Just across the border from Afghanistan lies Pakistan, who by all measures is a failed state, with nuclear weapons. Our worst nightmare is having Pakistan overrun by extreme Islamic terrorist getting their hands on nuclear weapons.


I would like to see a debate for the new role in Afghanistan, and an up or down in the house and the senate. I complained about President Bush’s decisions, but I did not question his authority as commander in chief to contnue the war…..I remain on the fence, because I still have Iraq war fatigue and it’s many failures...Today's plan still feels like we are putting good money after bad, without results…I hope I am wrong.