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I see that the conservatives are already sending out mass emails and mailers warning their flock about the upcoming far left liberal judge President Obama will pick to replace retiring Justice David Souter. President has not vetted any candidates but that does not matter to the conservatives. The conservatives know that the balance on the court will not change since President’s George H. W. Bush’s pick; David Souter had a liberal voting record but this is an issue that can fire up the base. I bet they are pouring over 2nd Circuit Court Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s rulings. I can hear the battle cry “It’s about the children.”

The media has already said a Latina should be at the top of the list and Judge Sotomayor meets all the qualifications to be a good Supreme Court justice. President Obama’s vetting committee should let the IRS check her tax returns right now. That should be a priority.

We will hear the “best qualified” argument but Justice Thomas didn’t meet that qualification, so if Obama is smart (no reason to think otherwise) he will go ahead and pick a female because about one half of this nation’s law students happen to be women ,and the court should reflect that...IMO

The republicans have to be careful because they are already at a low 21% and allowing talk radio to alienate women and Hispanics will just drive those numbers to the low teens.