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This country desperately needs a two party system but according to recent polls the Republican Party is in position to lose five more senate seats in 2010.

The republicans launched a listening tour but it was the same old message and the same messengers that contributed to their last two blowouts. Rush Limbaugh (real GOP leader) said “listening is for wimps” and they should go on a teaching tour. Teach what? Those ideas were rejected twice by the voters.

I use to think Mike Pence(R-Ind) was a fairly moderate conservative until yesterday; when Chris Matthews asked him if he believed in evolution. After squirming a bit, he said that he believed that God created the heavens and earth. He never did answer the question. He answered Chris Matthews’s second question in a similar manner. Chris Matthews asked Mr. Pence if he believed in climate change. He said we should not tax energy. He evaded the question and did not give an alternative. Will this new Republican Party continue to ignore the science to satisfy a few constituents on extreme right? If they do, if they will continue to be a regional party. Want to stump a republican legislator? Ask him or her about their health plan.

The local posters follow the same path as the national party, by posting debt figures 10 years from now, without allowing for increased revenues or growth or having any idea about the subject they are writing about. They cannot tell the difference between stimulus and conventional economics. They cannot tell a difference between temporary, short term, and long-term measures. It’s much simpler to blame Barney Frank, than to remember the last eight years or any republican wrongdoing. It is a fruitless argument and the fact that the fed chairman is saying that recovery should begin at the end of this year just clouds the issue for them. They all seem to have a calculator that is missing the + sign.

If the republicans had about 20 republican governors like you Utah’s Jon Huntsman, we would be on our way to having a divided government and the checks and balances we need.