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As if it was not enough that former VP Cheney keeps going around saying that torture is good, Liz Cheney and Bill O'Reilly have joined the cabal.


President Obama claimed that even conservative stalwart Winston Churchill did not stoop to torture; although he had ample opportunity. Obama went onto say that if we start taking shortcuts; our country will erode overtime.

Apparently those words gave Fox News a project to work on and they put their head propagandist, Bill O'Reilly, to work. In his talking points memo Bill O'Reilly told the uninformed, that Obama was wrong and Churchill did use torture. O'Reilly cited Churchill ordering the Brits to use poison gas on the Germans, and that the Royal Air Force killed thousands and perhaps millions of civilians by targeting non-military areas.

Last night Keith Olbermann took on O'Reilly's points one by one but read the transcript or get a link to the show ,so you can see for yourself and have a full appreciation on how Keith took O'Reilly to task.. Everything O'Reilly mentioned was an afterthought and never carried out; stopped by the War Cabinet.....I spent a lot of my morning checking out the facts and Keith was dead on. Why would Fox and O'Reilly put their credibility on the line? They must have known history books have been written on WWII...Never mind, I accidentally used the word credibility.

Congress should really begin investigating the torture issue because it is now turning into a three ring circus. When it comes to using Nazi propaganda and castigating our strongest ally, just to try and prove a political point; then that cover must be lifted and it will be like turning on the lights and watching all the roaches come out.

I wish someone would link a YouTube clipping of the event or perhaps a transcript of last night “Countdown” on this blog ,because I have not been able to find one.