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According to about 30,000 people participated in governors Rick Perry and Mark Sanford’s teleconference where they unveiled a plan to fight the record deficits of the Obama Administration. Since Fox news advertised the event and two republican governors that are running for an office are the de facto leaders, then this is no longer a grassroots effort where liberals, democrats, republicans, conservatives and independents come together for a common agenda. In reality, this is still a right wing, anti-Obama, anti- taxes and anti- government movement.

Chris Matthews asked Governor Mark Sanford why he wanted to cut taxes and spending since we are in a deep recession and tax revenues are at an all time low. Cutting taxes will only add to the deficit. Governor Sanford tried to ignore the question by going into the problems of his state. Chris Matthews reminded him that this was a national recession; so Governor Sanford came back with the standard conservative answer” cut spending.” Matthews reminded the governor that 2/3 budget was for entitlements such as Medicare, Medicaid , Social Security and defense spending, and said “again governor which one would you cut.” Stanford’s conservative mindset went straight for privatizing Social Security. No real surprise but we all know that Medicare is the program that really needs reform but free marketers cannot tie it to Wall Street.

Governor Rick Perry would like our state to join the five other states that have approved a resolution asserting their sovereignty under the 10th Amendment of the Constitution. An order to “cease and desist” from interfering with Texas. I’m pretty sure we would have an exception for FEMA aid, since the good Guv has asked for 13 Disaster Declarations, since he has been the governor. That’s more than any other governor during the same that same time frame .FEMA has reimbursed our state for 75% of its recovery cost.

All this comes down to simple logic if we’re going to cut taxes, we will have to cut services. California’s ready to join a tax revolt since their sales and personal income tax are among the highest in the nation. When the Californian’s were asked what services they would like to cut, they offered prisons and state Parks and opted to keep state government funding of universities, schools, Health Care and social services. On a national front, conservatives want to cut welfare but never ask for cuts to private contractors.

I will use Bill Kennedy’s surtax idea but I will call mine a war tax. If the wars are that important; lets reinstall the draft, and impose a surtax to fund the wars. I would offer an exemption for those who have served our country and the family members of those who are serving our country right now.

Right wing ideologue Michelle Bachman vilified our president on a house floor, for asking our youth to volunteer their services to the Peace Corps or other National Services saying “Barack Obama wants to send our kids to reeducation camps.” Ideology will be the death of this country unless we get a handle on it. Liberals must not overreach and conservatives should listen to the founder of conservatism British Statesman Edmund Burke and William F. Buckley who said “Conservatism implies a certain submission to reality.”