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I saw a coordinated effort by the GOP, to use John Boehner on CNN, the Fox News Sunday panel, Michael Steele on Meet the Press and Liz Cheney, George Will, Steve Schmidt, and John Kyl on This Week with George Stephanopoulos; to shift the torture debate away from the Dick Cheney and George Bush to Speaker Pelosi. The speaker did not help her case with that terrible press conference or calling out the CIA.

I do think Speaker Pelosi was briefed in 2003 by her aide but she did not offer an objection to the torture methods being used, the 2002 meeting I really don't know what she was told. I think given the environment of the time; she did not want to be the one to object and be vilified for it later. Although she voted against the Iraq War, She made the same mistake that the 26 democratic senators made by signing the resolution to attack a country that had nothing to do with 9/11. She failed to do her due diligence. The voters of her district and her colleagues can decide her faith.

I do not give the CIA a pass because it was former Director Tenet that said”Mr. President, it's a slam dunk” when referring to WMD in Iraq. The CIA provided the lies that Colin Powell delivered to the U.N. in the lead up to the war of choice. This same CIA report had former Senator Bob Graham attending four of the classified meetings but the CIA had to recant because the senator had proof he only attended two of the meetings and said he was not briefed on the use of water boarding.

I can see through this smoke screen because the more serious charge will come if evidence shows torture was being used before the CIA informed congress, and an Iraqi police chief was tortured to try to prove a link between al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein. The latter was trying to prove a negative; to justify the Iraq invasion and had nothing to do national security.

I understand the Barack administration wants to move forward because of an unstable middle-east, our economic woes and his zeal for reforming health care costs but unless we have closure this country will remain divided on this issue. Step aside Mr. President; appoint a special prosecutor or establish a panel for a Truth Commission; to get at the bottom of this and let the cards fall where they may.