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Joe Scarborough (host of “Good morning Joe) has been trying to make his case that Nancy Pelosi will hurt the Democrats’ chances of maintaining their majority in 2010 because she will make them look like they’re weak on terror. He went on to say that Dick Cheney’s recent comments had an influence on the president’s recent reversals. Joe shouted over his co- host Mika Brzezinski on a daily basis, so lately they have become a single voice. They met their match this morning when another MSNBC commentator, Ed Schultz (host of the Ed Show) called Guantanamo Bay, “a museum of torture” in his opening statement. Now, that was a classic example of a hyperbole, instead of facts being used to make their case. To their credit, when Joe and Ed saw where the conversation was going, they both agreed that only a truth commission can sort out all the facts.

The closing of Guantanamo Bay was stripped of its funding by the democratic controlled senate by a 90-6 vote; the right took this to mean a victory for the failed policies of the past. The democrats feared the GOP would use the same fear mongering tactics against them in the 2010 elections. The GOP will say that taxpayers will pay for the detainee’s lawyers and housing. That is true; the taxpayers will continue to pay for their incarceration at Guantanamo Bay or at a United States Federal prison. The idea that a Federal maximum security prison cannot house the Guantanamo Bay detainees is ludicrous. Fact is ,the lawmakers’ don’t want to house these detainees in their home district. History is not on the side of those who think otherwise. The president will eventually close Guantanamo Bay because it is the wish of the American people, the defense secretary, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

President Obama just gave an eloquent speech explaining the reasons for his reversal of his recent decisions and his reason to put us on a path forward, as being a country that would no longer torture. He acknowledged that both sides of the political spectrum are turning security issues into wedge issues. He explained that we must bring these detainees to trial because his Justice Dept needs to move on to the problems of today.

Former vice president Dick Cheney just completed his speech at the American Enterprise Institute ,refuting the current president’s speech and trying to explain his reason for using, as he put it, “tough questioning” methods. His speech did not make it any specifics, it was simply partisan rhetoric. He used hyperbole to the max.