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Memorial Day pays tribute to all those who have died in a service of their country. It is a holiday that all of us ,no matter what our differences ;we should come together in thought, respect , and common decency to honor the fallen.

My stepfather survived WWII but he never forgot it; my most prized possession is the Silver Star he earned and the document that came with all the details. I still have that yellowed copy of the Houston Chronicle, or Post(can't remember off hand) showing him eating a turkey leg in Italy. This weekend we will place a small flag at his gravesite. I bet the cemetery will resemble the Arlington National Cemetery because many families will do the same.

I still remember my stepfather struggling to fly the flag to honor Veterans and Memorial Day. We wanted to help him mount the flag on the crude makeshift device he made, but he would have none of it.

I salute my stepfather and all the fallen.

Happy Memorial Day