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Only a political junkie like me could sit and watch last night's national election results as if they had any implication of how the 2010 elections might evolve. The right wing pundits were spinning the results as a reflection on Obamacare and the Democratic Party in general, and the left wing pundits were just shrugging their shoulders as if they expected to lose two governorships. The democrats did seem to salvage a win of sorts because they got Nancy Pelosi two more votes in the house. Exit polling revealed that it was not a referendum on the Obama Administration; at least that's what 55% of the voters told the pollsters. 85% to 89% of the voters in those states believe that the economy was heading in the wrong direction. The shock of the night was that Mayor Bloomberg of New York barely squeaking out a win, after spending more than $85million, over a little known democratic candidate. This tells me people are frustrated and incumbents were the target.

The New Jersey's governor's race was about property taxes and corruption; while the Virginia governor's race was about jobs, jobs, jobs and lower taxes. The 23rd district of New York was the first attempt by the Tea Party Conservatives to run one of their own; against an established democrat or republican candidate. The Sarah Palin/Glenn Beck wing, of the Republican Party endorsed little known Doug Hoffman; to run as a Conservative Party candidate against the Democrat Bill Owens and Republican Deidre Scozzafava(who eventually backed the democrat) only to lose a seat that has not the been won by a Democratic candidate since 1871. The Tea Party Conservatives are not through in their quest to purge the moderates out of the Republican Party. The popular republican governor of Florida, Charlie Christ, will have a republican opponent backed by the same group in the 2010 senate race. Political analyst, Charlie Cook, just told MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell, that the Republican Party is breathing a sigh of relief ,now that Hoffman has lost, because, it would have triggered more calls for ideological purity ,thus leading to more losses down the road.

The right wing pundits at Fox News are trying to say that this is a referendum on Obamacare, yet the opposition party produced a 230 page Health Care Reform proposal that does not cover as many people as a house bill does, nor does it lower cost or reduce the deficit. It does, however show where their loyalty lies because it inserts a clause that makes the insurance companies not subject to all the laws and regulations of the states. Trey Ware of KTSA talk radio, was using the GOP talking points in saying that the Democratic plan was a government takeover of Health Care and the GOP version was free- market based. How can it be free market based if it uses taxpayer credits and government legislation to achieve its goal? They seem to forget that the trial lawyers, they want to impose more tort reform on, are part of the free market. It's the same people that go after the labor unions, yet the companies knowingly and willfully enter into a collective bargaining agreement. I guess when it comes to ideology; the old economic principles I was taught does not apply.