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The current polling trend shows that there's about be a power shift away from the Obama policies back to the conservative Republican policies that got us into the worst fiscal shape since the Great Depression. The Tea parties, hate radio, and Fox News are taking full advantage of people's fears and lack of patience and understanding to fuel an uprising against incumbency that this nation has not seen in a longtime. The Obama financial team failed to factor in the anxiety the American people are feeling because they are overworked, losing their jobs and benefits and Wall Street continues to prosper like September 2008 never happened. The $787 billion stimulus package was too small for the crisis we were in and with hindsight; we can see that the bulk of the initial monies should have gone for infrastructure repairs. President Obama made a gigantic rookie mistake thinking that the Republican Party would actually come to the table for a bipartisan solution. Recent polling shows that the Independents have moved away from the Obama Administration in large numbers and 49% of the white voters disapprove of the way he is handling his job. Factor in the fact that the young people, minorities, working poor, and women do not generally vote in off year elections. By the time they show up to support Obama in 2012, it might be too late, since unemployment will still be high. By default without any new ideas or solutions, the Republican Party will benefit because by being obstructionists they are seen as putting a halt to the overreach of the Obama Administration.

Tracey D.Samuelson (contributor to the Christian Science Monitor)said that a new slogan is making its way to the Internet and onto bumper stickers and tee shirts. The company is marketing the use of Psalms 109:8, which reads “let his days be few; and let others take his office.” By itself this could be considered in line with everyday political rhetoric but if the message was to extend to Psalm 109.9 of “let his children be fatherless; and his wife a widow” then it becomes a call from violence, although it is protected free speech. Where are the calls from the Christian leaders to denounce these actions, after all it's usually the same people that call for the Muslim leaders to denounce the actions of the few. The right wing bogeyman, ACLU, said the Psalms citations do not fall into the realm of hate speech. I guess if Bill O'Reilly can say that there will be a tax revolt that will leave Nancy Pelosi bobbing up and down in the Boston Harbor; anything goes. On the local front, the president is referred to BO or B. Hussein by some, as if to say they do not accept his legitimacy and never will and they emphasize their hate for anything remotely Muslim.

I cannot believe that the Democratic Party would allow the conservative democrats to turn this Health Care reform bill into an abortion bill; in an attempt to chip away at Roe v Wade. The same conservative democrats will kill any effort to pass any significant climate change legislation. Rahm Emanuel, Howard Dean and Chuck Schumer went out and recruited the conservative democrats for a majority; and the chickens have come home to roost.

I can already predict what change will come from this change, the corporations will get their tax cuts, we will continue with dirty, cheap, and plentiful coal as a major energy source. You will get your jobs when the Republican Party finishes wiping out the remaining trade unions that have the audacity to call for Health Care benefits and a decent living wage. General McCrystal will get all the troops and funds he needs, and the defense contractors will salivate just dreaming about what they're going to do with all that privatizing. A change is going to come and we will continue this flip flopping for years to come because we don't have the vision or ambition to find the answers for competing in the 21st century and beyond. My only hope is that the $3.5 billion that we put into the smart meter technology gets a foothold or that some innovator will make use of the stimulus grants to come up with the next battery technology that the world will clamor for. The mindset of “drill baby drill” will only keep us dependent on foreign oil and not give us that competitive edge we need to get out of this financial debt.Status quo or a repeat of the 2000-2008 policies are not the answers but I am afraid that is what we are going back to.