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The United States senate had to wait until Saturday, 7:00PM central standard time to vote whether the Health Care Reform legislation could go to the floor for an up or down vote later because it had to go through a 72 hour waiting period, to allow all those that were interested ;to read the bill. I cannot believe a United State senator would vote “No” on allowing legislation go to the floor for debate. I was not surprised the GOP would continue to use every gimmick it had at its disposal but a few democrats used this opportunity to receive a few sweeteners before they could allow this bill to be considered for debate. If they had this much reservation on allowing a bill to be heard on the floor; how could they possibly vote for it later? Where is the spirit of compromise?

I thought the Sunday talk shows would shed light on the path forward but the GOP will continue to ignore the bipartisan CBO numbers and instead use selective numbers from the far right Heritage Foundation and the Levin Group; a subsidiary of the United Health, to substantiate their talking points. The GOP quickly jumped on the recent report, an obscure government report, that said mammograms were not necessary at age 40 but that is just another report that is not included in the current bill .The GOP is using the report for fear mongering and politicizing the issue. I don't even know why the media needs to interview a republican because the battle will be between conservative, moderate and liberal democrats. I saw a little of compromise between a house and senate democrats on the public option but Senator Lieberman will not waiver… I heard the administration was considering a trigger to the public option to persuade republicans Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe; allowing Lieberman to appease his Health Insurance donors.

This morning I heard Joe Scarborough and his sidekick agreed that this Health Care reform bill should be put aside so the administration can concentrate on jobs. First of all, this administration can walk and chew gum at the same time and the $2.6 trillion and rising health care costs are part of the overall economic package. Monies were allocated in the budget and stimulus for Health Care reform such as electronic record keeping. The conservatives are stuck on cutting taxes and government spending but tax revenues are at an all time low and government cannot stop spending until this economy is on stable ground. It will be very hard trying to convince people that this is the right strategy, but we are really into a second stimulus plan right now, when the senate (98-0) extended the unemployment benefits and the new Home Housing credit; so I guess it's all in the packaging and terminology. In reality, if Health Care Reform does not pass by the early part of January, it will go on a bookshelf to gather dust because democrats won't have any stomach for it anymore and the republicans never did. Republicans want to say that tort reform should be part of this bill but there's no proof that tort reform will reduce cost. Sunday's Houston Chronicle featured an article by Jennifer Bard, which stated that there is no evidence to suggest that limiting the rights of individuals to bring lawsuits will either lower the cost of Health Care or increase its quality… About 33 states have tort reform and about 90% of the cases are at the state level, so Federal legislation will not do anything to reduce the rising health care costs in those states. Jennifer said that doctors don't want reform what they want is an exemption and that is not how we do things in the United States.

Unless we hear from town hall meetings, the health care issue will be at a stalemate until after the Thanksgiving holidays when the senate reconvenes.Frankly congress,I am getting tired of hearing “We all agree we need health care reform”, if you did you would compromise ;without giving up your principals.