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It seemed like every day I can expect to see another posting, blog, or letter predicting gloom and doom for the United States of America. They all have a common theme: it started on January 20, 2009 by President Barack Obama.

The naysayers have a cold war, gold standard, anti-government mentality. They cry about the declining value of the dollar. Fact is, because of our financial stability; investors chose America to invest in when the world financial crises came about. A lower value of dollar right now, is good news, since the America consumer is not spending,it evens out the trade deficit. Our country has too much supply on hand, and very little demand.

Despite what the libertarians think; we will keep the Federal Reserve and never go back to the gold standard. Right now we cannot think about going to tighter money because the small businesses need the availability of cheap credit or our 10% unemployment rate will just continue to grow. We have a credit-based economy.

Conservatives have this laissez-faire economics philosophy; whereas the market will always correct itself and do the right thing. Truth is; taxation and regulations just get in the way of their profits.

  1. September 15, 2008 proved that the free market cannot be trusted to regulate themselves.

  2. Cheap labor and health care costs are the reasons for outsourcing; not taxation.

  3. As we found out, Wall Street likes to privatize their gains but socialize their profits.

Today's letter writer agreed that “green energy” will create one million new jobs, yet he complained that they would kill one million jobs in the coal, oil, and gas industry. Imagine if the auto industry had that mindset. Where would we be today without the stagecoach, covered wagon, blacksmith, and good reliable horses?

Yesterday, the health insurance company lobbyist came out and said that the Senate Finance Health Care Reform bill will increase the cost health insurance premiums. That particular bill was the most conservative; yet it did not satisfy the insurance industry's greed. Now that Olympia Snowe(R-Maine) voted with the Democrats to get it out of committee; she is being threatened by the Republican Senate leadership. No further proof is necessary to show what side the Republican Party and the health insurance industry is on.

By the time next November’s off election comes around, the unemployment rate will probably still be close to 10%, so the Republican Party (by default) will pick up many seats in the House of Representatives. Some say, they might take over the House, if that happens, the GOP will have to come up with some solutions, rather than just saying no to everything. It's easy to complain without solutions.