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This used to be an intelligent nation where everyone understood that political buzzwords were not to be taken seriously. The 24//7 talk radio has brought in Rush Limbaugh's “drive by, or state run media to describe the network news stations and the two cable news stations that do not go by the name of Fox news. Then there is Glenn Beck dreaming up new despicable regimes to describe the current administration, one day it may be the Nazis, and the next day Chairman Mao. Their 2 to 3 million viewers and listeners represent a small fraction of the population but their exaggerations and outrageous statements seem to make it to the mainstream, along with complete coverage of the balloon boy.

We now have words like "generational theft” to describe short-term economic policies to revive the struggling economy. If I were to say that the debt has gone up by 12% since President Obama was inaugurated, people would just shrug their shoulders, but if Sean Hannity said that this president has spent more than all the previous presidents combined, people would just gasp, scream and holler on their way to a town hall meeting, without even thinking that, you can't really compare George Washington, John Quincy Adams, Teddy Roosevelt's economy to one that was about to go into depression. Chris Matthews asked a Tea Party protester if he thought Bush's deficits were “generational theft, he said yes but he voted for Bush two times. Then Chris asked him a killer question, he asked him if he supported President Hoover's pre- Great Depression strategies. The protester said, he was not on to talk about President Hoover, then Chris had to explain to him that was what he was advocating, doing nothing, and letting everything fail. Mr. Matthews's words went through one of the protester's ear and out the other, because he had no idea what Chris was talking about.

I am upset that Wall Street profits and bonuses have doubled since last year (with the aid of the bailouts) yet; Main Street unemployment remains high with no relief in sight. The arrogance of Wall Street is appalling, e.g. credit card companies will now charge a fee for inactivity and low balances, and the bailed out banks have refused to offer low interest loans to businesses. We should see sponsored protests at the steps of these companies but that will not happen because it's much easier to blame everything on the government.

I do not have anything against profits, the rich, or corporations but I but no longer see the larger corporations competing for workers by enticing them with job stability, higher wages and great benefits. We could cut the corporate tax rate by 10% but we would still have stagnant wages, outsourcing and reduced benefits. . I cannot blame government policies for the shrinking middle class.

There are those that think that my thoughts describe Socialist agenda.My answer; The Cold War is over and Joe McCarthy is dead.

Bureau of Labor statistics

…………………….........Jan 19, 2009…….Nov 2009……Change

Debt…… ………………$10.6 Trillion…$11.9 Trillion……..12%

Deficit……………… $1.27 Trillion…$1.4 Trillion……..17%