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I thought Fox News versus the administration story would be over by now but it is escalating beyond belief. The last part of Fox news Sunday was devoted to a one-sided attack against the administration, with former Bush spokesman Dana Perino, trying to link the White House with Hugo Chavez's suppression of the news. CNN's Reliable Sources, Meet the Press, ABC Sunday with George Stephanopoulos also chimed in on the subject. George had to cut off Laura Ingram when she tried to say that the administration ought to use as much zeal against the Islamic terrorists as they do against Fox….Fox cannot claim to be the victim and at the same time brag about an increase in viewer rates.

In my unofficial viewpoint, the Republicans and conservatives are fighting for a true identification. This is the way I see it: They all call themselves conservatives.

Moderate Republican…. A relic, who will now be the independent vote both parties will seek…. They are the old Barry Goldwater fiscal conservatives.

Social Conservative…. This person wants to repeal Roe v Wade and never allow gay marriage, or amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Neoconservatives……. They are not into the social issues or economic policies but they would rather use the military to bring democracy to the whole world.

Tea Party Conservatives… This group is part libertarian, anti- tax, smaller government, types that will embrace the social issues the social conservatives have.

It will be conservative versus conservative in the Florida governor race and the New York house seat.

Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are getting wackier by the day (if that's possible) in fact the other day, Rush was telling his viewers about a thesis the president wrote while at Columbia, denouncing the Constitution. After he was told it was a hoax (from a website that specializes in hoaxes) he didn't recant but said everyone knew that was what Obama was thinking. Shamelessly, Glenn Beck is using the swine flu shot as a prop to get his listeners and viewers to distrust the information coming from the administration… If hundreds of his listeners die because they dismissed the warnings, will Mr. Beck come forward? I seriously doubt it.

I thought the president was being reasonable by taking his time before committing 40,000 more troops to Afghanistan. You'd think, we would have learned a lesson from Iraq but the very same people that rushed to war in Iraq are accusing this president of dithering. I'm glad I don't have to make this decision because on one hand, the war is escalating in Afghanistan whether we want it or not and on the other hand, no one is discussing an exit strategy. The only thing certain is that we will not pull out our 68,000 troops from Afghanistan; anytime soon and it's starting to become really expensive. This past weekend, this issue was discussed on every news show but without any mention of the deficit or the debt.