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When I came home and flipped on the TV, I could not believe what I heard. The Victoria Independent School District decided not to let the students listen to the president's speech next Tuesday because of the controversial nature. The school district has not received the text of the so-called controversial speech. I could understand if they had decided not to an air any presidential speeches from this day forward. I am ashamed that they succumbed to the outcry of the right- wing conservatives. By not airing this speech, VISD injected the politics of those in power. This censorship told our children and grandchildren that they should fear what the president of the United States has to say. I can't even imagine someone from the left calling for the boycott of a Republican Presidential speech to our school children. I wonder if they would allow Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson or Governor Rick Perry to speak to the school children. I bet, they would be jumping through hoops….I would not mind.

Much has been said about the fear of reeducation camps, or the indoctrination of children to the NAZI or socialist agenda. These are the same people that tell us we should forget about pre-Civil Rights days and move forward. That was OK with me, but now they say we should concentrate on the year's 1933-5 and the rise of NAZI Germany and how it relates to President Obama and his policies.. A vivid imagination could work both ways, it can remind one of segregation, the poll tax, censorship, and the tactics of Governor Wallace and Bull Connor. I saw a protester hurling insults at a lady in a wheelchair, just because she was taking her time trying to explain why we needed Health Care Reform. Last Saturday, about 200 secessionists talked about hating the flag of the United States, yet not one person condemned their actions.It seems like nothing is forbidden, when it concerns this president. A few will say the obvious, I don't want to harm or kill the president because that is easy to say; since 99% of us will not murder anyone.

I have said and continue to say that President George W. Bush was incompetent but I cannot imagine (under any circumstances) objecting to the president speaking to schoolchildren of the United States. In all reality, a lot of the children will be chewing on their erasers, looking out the window, talking to their friends and generally not paying attention. Fear is the opposite of love. I can remember writing a letter to the president of the United States and my children doing the same, as part of the curriculum. The White House says it receives thousands of letters a day from children. I think the children and a lot of adults do not have a general understanding of parliamentary procedure, or how government works as a whole. If they did; they would understand that we have three separate but equal branches of government. The president cannot take over the military or indoctrinate our citizens because today we have the freedom of the press, a Supreme Court, and a Congress that submits, debates, and votes on legislation and all the president can do is veto or sign a bill.

A relative of mine was telling my wife how gleeful some of the teachers were; after hearing the decision not to air the speech. They went onto say they hated everything President Obama stood for. My relative and a lot of her friends felt uneasy because they are apolitical but they found out their peers were not. I am ashamed that an innocent speech got turned into a political football and the powers of the school district could not see through that.