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I'm pretty sure that right-leaning parents will keep their children home today, as a precautionary move; just in case the president of the United States slips in a socialist phrase, they don't want their impressionable children to hear. As Tom Friedman said on Sunday's Meet the Press; “the reaction over this speech is just plain stupid.” I was surprised to hear Newt Gingrich and Lamar Alexander agree that the outrage over this president's speech is just a reflection of today's partisan politics.As a former teacher,parent,and First Lady Laura Bush said that any president should be allowed to address our nation's children in the classroom.

As President Barack Obama prepares for his Health Care Reform speech, Wednesday night, he should be convinced by now; that he will not have bipartisan support. Republicans Mike Pence, Rudy Giuliani, Bob Dole, Newt Gingrich, and Lamar Alexander all indicated on the Sunday talk shows'; that the GOP would be willing to talk if the Democratic plan had tort reform and a way to allow individuals to buy health insurance across state lines. The Republicans will not support the public option because they think; it would lead to government control. That is not believable because every initiative that the Republicans want, will benefit the insurance companies.The public option is just today's excuse because the GOP will never go for the next issue for debate, employer and employee mandates. Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Max Baucus (D-MT) will submit his comprehensive Health Care bill; without the public option. This plan will include a proposed new fee on the higher end plans, to pay for his $900 billion-dollar plan. It will be interesting to see if the president supports Chairman Baucus's plan; knowing that it will anger his liberal base because it does not have a public option. I think the president summed it up pretty well with his labor union speech yesterday; by asking the question "Where is their plan? Where is their solution?" This is a Republican Party that voted against Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, minimum wage, and equal pay for equal work legislation, so it's quite evident they do not support the "general welfare" clause in the Constitution. They will be all over a tax cut for the wealthy or repealing the estate tax.

The coming weeks will not get easier for the president because the support for the war in Afghanistan is falling fast. The Conservatives are supporting the president as long as he stays the course in Afghanistan; without asking any questions about the deficit or the long term debt of nation building. General Chrystal will be asking for about 40,000 additional troops.

These will be a contentious four years for President Barack Obama because the mature, responsible conservative that honors America's institutions, both governmental and societal has been taken over by the wing nuts of Fox News and hate radio. They seem to forget(or never knew) that Theodore Roosevelt supported a strong central government and denounced the harm done by corporations. Ronald Reagan liked to say that he was a lifelong New Dealer ,who voted four times for FDR, according to the biographer of a book about: Whittaker Chambers, Sam Tannenhaus. William F. Buckley denounced right- wing extremists like the John Birch Society and with help of Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater and Senator John Tower they made sure sure these groups were not part of the GOP. This pulled the Republican Party toward the center but unfortunately no one will step up to the plate to fill that gap today because the right- wing media would vilify them.