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I think a lot of us think that if anyone disagrees with our point of view, that they are being led by outside forces. I know I'm guilty of that. My old fiscal conservative friends have always been leery of government spending and too much government. I have to remind them to stay consistent when it comes to the social issues. Remaining friends is like all good marriages; know the boundaries.

I was listening to the Alan Colme's radio show last night and I was surprised by his hostile approach to his callers. Alan used to be the weak- kneed liberal, co-hosting a show with the main star Sean Hannity. Last night ,Alan kept trying to change the subject about race relations but his listeners kept going back to it, although they kept saying, “we need to move on. “ That's where we are, everyone wants to write or talk but no one wants to listen. After I heard that Bill O'Reilly was promoting the public option, I had to sit back and realize that Bill O'Reilly has attacked corporations and government, equally in the past. Being a skeptic, I think the Bill O'Reilly viewers will hit him hard for his recent approval of the public option and he just might waver. Stay tuned.

I continue to be amazed that our national politicians are not Goggle savvy. They continue to be against something before they were for it. Lamar Alexander and some House members were making some speeches about the unconstitutionality of Czars, but it didn't take long to show a clip of them requesting a manufacturing Czar for the Bush administration. Yesterday, Congress overwhelmingly voted to stop funding ACORN, although Blackwater and Halliburton have been convicted of overcharging or other misdeeds, yet this administration will continue to fund them. Those callings for the heads of ACORN will not tell you that the Bush administration used and paid this community organization $13 million. Don't get me wrong,cutting off the funds to ACORN will only help the administration, by taking this bogeyman off the table but they will be replaced with another bogeyman in the coming months of Cap-and-Trade and comprehensive immigration reform legislation. I am describing politics as usual; for example yesterday, Nancy Pelosi made a tearful request for civility and her counterpart said the unrest was due to this administration's policies. I could be wrong but I think that the Tea Party movement was formed due to frustration of the election results because I bet most the protesters did not vote for President Obama. I would also bet that they feel left out of the process and feel powerless. I can equate with that because that is how I felt when President Bush kept saying “We will stay the course in Iraq.” It took the 2006 congressional elections to change the course and I am positive the opposition will show up in droves to vote in the 2010 off year elections.

Politics is about spinning the facts, e.g. Yesterday, The Pew Research Center put out a poll on the president's job approval that will receive mixed results.

  1. Good communication: in February it was at 92% today it is that 83%.
  2. Strong leader: in February it was that 77% today it is 65%.
  3. Trustworthy: February it was that 76% today it is at 64%.
  4. Able to get things done: in February it was at 70% today it is that 58%. They gave them an overall approval of 55%.

I would say considering the conditions of the economy; any president would kill for those numbers but the opposition would say those numbers are trending down and they will be be less than 50%, by year’s end…Like a 10 year projection ,who knows?

I suggest we distribute anger and frustration equally amongst government oversight, Wall Street greed, irresponsible taxpayers, politicians, corporations and our allies and trading partners for the financial crash of 2007-8 that almost led us into a depression. We spent $23 trillion to get us out of this recession, $14 trillion came from the Fed, $7 trillion came from the Treasury, and $2 trillion came from FDIC. Although the administration will come up with some kind of reform legislation later in the year, we still do not have laws in place to prevent another bubble, business as usual as far as Wall Street is concerned. I heard a troublesome fact that we do not have enough knowledgeable politicians for Congress to develop their own financial reform package. Politicians do not have the will to reform the banking industry because like the healthcare industry, the lobbyist money is very appealing.